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Criminology - Dec 22, 2020
In the first few months of the corona pandemic, street patrol officers responded to new demands with a "medium stress level" although the individual experience of strain varied greatly. For example, factors leading to a high stress level were little work experience in the police force or feeling unprepared.
Health - Dec 21, 2020

Although the individual risk of becoming infected with the coronavirus and falling ill with COVID-19 is currently estimated as being higher than was the case in summer, the willingness to be vaccinated is still not particularly great.

Life Sciences - Dec 11, 2020

Bioscientist Dr Dongbo Shi will receive funding from the Japan Science and Technology Agency for his work on the cellular and molecular mechanisms that enable plants to grow. The funding totals up to 300,000 euros over a period of three years. Dr Shi conducts research at the Centre for Organismal Studies of Heidelberg University.

Life Sciences - Dec 4, 2020
Life Sciences

Award endowed with 250,000 euros - Junior Researcher Prize for Felix Joos in theoretical computer science

Chemistry - Nov 27, 2020

Second funding phase for CRC in chemistry - Heidelberg to become location for transregional consortium in mathematics

Life Sciences - Dec 17, 2020

Two outstanding young researchers at Heidelberg University - neurobiologist Dr Ana Oliveira and biochemist Dr Stefan Pfeffer - have been honoured by the Chica and Heinz Schaller Foundation with the award for biomedical research named after its sponsors.

Research Management - Dec 9, 2020
Research Management

Three women scientists from Heidelberg University were awarded highly endowed grants from the European Research Council (ERC): Biophysicist Frauke Gräter, astrophysicist Saskia Hekker, and physicist Christine Selhuber-Unkel are each receiving an ERC Consolidator Grant for excellent young researchers.

Life Sciences - Dec 3, 2020
Life Sciences

Heidelberg Researchers determine the three-dimensional architecture of a molecular machine that inserts essential proteins into biomembranes

Environment - Nov 27, 2020

Scientists from Heidelberg University investigate which factors determine the stability of ice masses in East Antarctica

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