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Environment - Jul 9
Start-up Hawa Dawa evaluates data on air quality - Climate change, urbanization and growing traffic congestion: In this context, air quality is an increasingly important issue, especially for cities. The start-up Hawa Dawa specializes in the measurement and analysis of airborne contaminants.
Innovation - Jul 9

EuroTech Universities Alliance: Taking responsibility for the next generation - An alliance of leading European science and technology universities is starting an international study program with the goal of jointly shaping the engineering education of the future.

Life Sciences - Jul 6
Life Sciences

X-ray structure analysis gives detailed insights into molecular factory - The active agents of many drugs are natural products, so called because often only microorganisms are able to produce the complex structures.

Health - Jul 2

An interview with Prof. Hans Hauner about COVID-19 and nutritional medicine - The current Corona outbreak affects nearly all aspects of medicine and of everyday life in general.

Innovation - Jul 1

TUM Innovation Networks - opening up new paths to innovation - The Technical University Munich (TUM) is making it easier for researchers to explore new scientific avenues.

Health - Jul 8

State-wide study "COVID Kids Bavaria" launched - The new research project "COVID Kids Bavaria" will investigate the situation of children during the pandemic. The six university clinics in Bavaria, including the TUM Klinikum rechts der Isar, will evaluate, among other aspects, the number of children infected and whether they show symptoms.

Health - Jul 6

Large-scale study with more than 4000 participants at ZIEL - Institute for Food & Health - The composition and function of bacteria in the human intestine - the so-called gut microbiome - changes as the day progresses.

Health - Jul 1

Center for Integrated Infection Prevention at the Weihenstephan campus of TUM - The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is going to bundle its competencies for the development of innovative strategies for the prevention, combatting and prevention of the spread of resistant pathogens in humans and animals.

Chemistry - Jun 30

New method for quality control of chanterelle mushrooms - Chanterelles give savoury dishes a rich body and a unique complex flavour.

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