Max Planck Florida Institute

1 Max Planck Way, Jupiter, FL 33458
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Affiliation: Max Plank Society

Even scientists occasionally believe only what they can see. Modern imaging methods and microscopy techniques, such as fluorescence microscopy and magnetic resonance imaging, enable them to watch living cells live at work. Researchers at the Max Planck Florida Institute want to use and develop methods and technologies that will allow them to see the processes occurring inside cells down to the molecular level. It is the Max Planck Society’s first research institute in the USA. Scientists at the Institute are devoting their efforts to, among other things, a three-dimensional map of the cerebral cortex in the brains of mice to graphically represent the position and networking of synapses and nerve cells. These findings will also contribute to a better understanding of the human brain.

Research Focus

  • Functional Architecture and Development of Visual Cortex
  • Digital Neuroanatomy

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