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Participation in the event on the right of residence is possible via Zoom. © WWU

Participation in the event on the right of residence is possible via Zoom. © WWU - MünsterView

All Non-European academics and their hosts are invited to a digital information event on immigration law and procedures on 9 November, organised by the Welcome Centre of the University of Münster, in cooperation with the Graduate Centre, Brazil Centre, personnel department and the Foreigners Registration Office of the City of Münster (the "Ausländerbehörde"). During the afternoon different legislative aspects regarding research stays in Germany and at WWU, including residence permits for those opening an own business will be discussed. Interested persons can participate at the digital event from 5 to 6.30 p.m. Registrations are possible until 5 November at https://wwuindico.uni-muenster.de/event/1011/.

At the meeting, the Welcome Centre, Graduate Centre and personnel department as the central university institutions assisting international researchers and PhD students, will introduce their services for the different target groups. Following the Brazil Centre will highlight its specific mission and activities. Then two officials from the Foreigners Registration Office will provide information on their institution and the procedures to apply for a residence permit as a researcher. The different scenarios will include employed staff, scholarship holders or those aiming to open an individual business. The presentation is integrated by a detailed overview on the current legislation for the immigration and long-term stays of international academics. Afterwards the audience can ask questions, which will be answered in real-time, if possible.

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