Universität Hamburg and Kyoto University Extend Strategic Partnership

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Photo: UHH/Schreiber Group photo of symposium participants
Photo: UHH/Schreiber Group photo of symposium participants

Universität Hamburg and Kyoto University extended their strategic partnership until 2026 in a festive act at the Hamburg City Hall on 19 June 2023. Planetary health will form the heart of our future cooperation. The topic area focuses on the connections between ecological, social, and economic systems as well as their impact on human health.

The new thematic focus will kick off with a symposium in Hamburg on 19/20 June. Around 60 participants from both universities will bring their own diverse views to the topic. The working groups will concentrate on the following research topics: infection research, social research (social implications of decarbonization), climate change, catastrophe protection, and biodiversity.

The goal of the symposium, as well as the further development of the partnership, is to strengthen cooperation between the universities and individual research fields and to inspire international scientific exchange. Special focus is placed on supporting young researchers and developing recommendations for policymakers.

University president Hauke Heekeren: -We at Universität Hamburg are very happy that we are extending this important partnership with Kyoto University in Japan until 2026. The cooperation is part of our internationalization strategy and will focus on planetary health. Our international strategic partnerships aim for sustainable cooperation and development in research and teaching and, as University of Excellence, they are part of our flagship university concept and our motto -Innovating and Cooperation for a Sustainable Future-.-

Since 2012, Universität Hamburg’s internationalization strategy has included the development of a sustainable network of international partner universities. Currently, the University has 15 strategic partnerships with universities on all continents. All partnerships involve, among activities, student and researcher exchanges and joint teaching and research projects.