Uni Stuttgart takes third place in social media ranking

The education platform Charly Education has been investigating the social networ

The education platform Charly Education has been investigating the social networking activities of German universities. The University of Stuttgart is ranked in the top three. [Picture: Charly Education]

Almost all German universities have a social media presence und use various platforms to inform, interact and to tempt perspective students. The education platform Charly Education has now compiled a ranking, where the individual educational institutions are assessed according to activity and awarded points. The University of Düsseldorf takes first place with 146 points from a possible 150, followed by FU Berlin (141 points) and the University of Stuttgart in third place (132 points).

On average, the University of Stuttgart - centrally managed by the University Communication department - publishes 5.2 posts each day. According to the Charly Education, this makes it one of the most important influencer universities on social networks. The social networks assessed were Facebook (1.6 posts/day), Instagram (1.34 posts/day) and Twitter (2.24 posts/day).

Bringing up the rear were the unis in Hannover (26 points), Augsburg (24 points) and finally Dortmund with 20 points.

Who has the most likes and followers?

The number of fans and likes were also evaluated in the study. The TU Munich took the lead with 135,687 likes and followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In this category, the University of Stuttgart was ranked in 14th place overall with 65,483 likes and followers, but second place in Baden-Württemberg, just behind the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

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