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Psychology - Campus - 31.05.2022

Health - Life Sciences - 13.05.2022
Great progress thanks to mini organs
Great progress thanks to mini organs
05/13/2022 Life-like organ replicas - so-called 3D organoids - are a good way to research disease processes.

Campus - Health - 25.04.2022

Physics - 13.04.2022

Physics - Event - 31.03.2022

Health - Research Management - 29.03.2022

Life Sciences - Health - 21.03.2022

Chemistry - Career - 21.03.2022

Life Sciences - Health - 17.03.2022

Politics - 17.03.2022

Life Sciences - Health - 17.03.2022
A deeper insight into the bag of tricks of bacteria
A deeper insight into the bag of tricks of bacteria
03/17/2022 Cynthia Sharma studies how bacteria adapt to changing environments, focusing on RNA-binding proteins, about which very little is known so far.

Campus - 24.02.2022

Computer Science - 22.02.2022

Chemistry - Environment - 15.02.2022

Astronomy / Space Science - Campus - 07.02.2022

Campus - Innovation - 31.01.2022

Health - Life Sciences - 14.01.2022
Creative Through Movement
01/14/2022 Do we have our best ideas while walking? Indeed, but even small movements while sitting improve creativity, as two researchers have discovered. Movement helps us to think creatively. This insight is over 2000 years old - and already known to the philosophers in ancient Greece. However, what is the connection between movement and cognition from a scientific point of view?

Career - Health - 10.01.2022

Physics - Event - 22.12.2021

Computer Science - Astronomy / Space Science - 20.12.2021
UAP: SkyCAM Searches the Sky
UAP: SkyCAM Searches the Sky
/2021 A new camera system has gone into test operation at the University of Würzburg. It is designed to detect unidentified aerial phenomena using artificial intelligence methods. Time and again, people see strange luminous phenomena or other phenomena in the sky that they cannot explain. "Most of these observations concern known phenomena or objects such as birds, aircraft, satellites or clouds.

Health - Psychology - 15.12.2021
Masks Activate Corona Fear
Masks Activate Corona Fear
12/15/2021 Seeing masked people can activate pre-existing fear of coronavirus infection. A more positive image for masks could remedy the situation.

Physics - 14.12.2021
Nominated as 'Breakthrough of the Year'
Nominated as ’Breakthrough of the Year’
12/14/2021 The development of a topological laser network by a team of the Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat is among the top ten nominations for the "Breakthrough of the Year Award". On 24 September 2021, a paper appeared in the scientific journal Science that caused a sensation among experts. Israeli and German researchers from the Würzburg-Dresden Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat presented a new development: a highly effective network of surface-emitting lasers only the size of a grain of sand that act as a single laser.

Psychology - Event - 19.11.2021

Research Management - Health - 16.11.2021

Campus - History / Archeology - 15.11.2021

Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 04.11.2021
New Computer Model for Black Holes
New Computer Model for Black Holes
The black hole of the giant galaxy M87 shoots out an enormous jet of particles. A theoretical model of this jet has now been developed that fits astronomical observations very well. The galaxy Messier 87 (M87) is located 55 million light years away from Earth in the Virgo constellation. It is a giant galaxy with 12,000 globular clusters, making the Milky Way's 200 globular clusters appear modest in comparison.

Physics - Event - 13.10.2021

Health - Campus - 11.10.2021
On-site Teaching According to the 3G Rule
On-site Teaching According to the 3G Rule
In the winter semester, the University may offer extensive on-site teaching again for the first time in the Corona pandemic.

Physics - Computer Science - 28.09.2021

Physics - Computer Science - 24.09.2021
World Premiere for Virtual Laser Lab 'femtoPro'
World Premiere for Virtual Laser Lab ’femtoPro’
09/24/2021 Lasers are ubiquitous. Scientists from Würzburg have now developed the virtual-reality laser laboratory "femtoPro", which simulates optical setups in real time and enables eye-safe training in the handling of short-pulse lasers.

Environment - 06.09.2021

Astronomy / Space Science - Computer Science - 26.08.2021

Life Sciences - Health - 25.08.2021

Research Management - Life Sciences - 24.08.2021

Materials Science - Health - 19.08.2021

Astronomy / Space Science - 11.08.2021
Sensor Film for Aerospace
Sensor Film for Aerospace
Using a sensor film to monitor how well aircraft and spacecraft withstand the mechanical stresses of flight: Würzburg researchers have received a prize for this idea, which comes with a lot of money.

Computer Science - Campus - 10.08.2021

Life Sciences - 29.07.2021
Bright Lights, Bad Orientation
Bright Lights, Bad Orientation
07/29/2021 Light pollution makes it difficult for dung beetles to find their way. This is probably also true for other nocturnal insects and birds, as researchers suspect. The growth of cities with their streetlights and illuminated buildings has led to brighter nights. This has consequences for animals: the artificial light illuminates them directly, but also lights up the sky, making the stars invisible.

Astronomy / Space Science - 14.07.2021
Jets Pose Many Riddles
Jets Pose Many Riddles
07/14/2021 The super-energetic jets that shoot out of black holes are in the focus of a new DFG research group.

Psychology - Economics / Business - 08.07.2021
Do I Buy or Not?
Do I Buy or Not?
Würzburg psychologists have studied the phenomenon of impulse buying behaviour. People who focus on enjoyment act differently than people who play it safe.

Computer Science - Innovation - 01.07.2021

Astronomy / Space Science - Computer Science - 28.09.2020
Countdown für neue Satellitenmission läuft
NetSat soll erstmals die Selbstorganisation von mehreren Satelliten im dreidimensionalen Raum im Rahmen einer Formation im Orbit zeigen.

Environment - Life Sciences - 02.10.2019
Preventing Future Forest Diebacks
Preventing Future Forest Diebacks
Removing dead trees from the forests and reforesting on a large scale: this is the German Federal Government's strategy against "Forest Dieback 2.0".

Research Management - 12.09.2019

Economics / Business - 02.09.2019

Physics - 29.08.2019

Life Sciences - Environment - 27.08.2019
How Bees Live With Bacteria
How Bees Live With Bacteria
08/27/2019 More than 90 percent of all bee species are not organized in colonies, but fight their way through life alone.
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