The new app "TUM Interaktiv"

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All faculties at a glance: the new app

All faculties at a glance: the new app "TUM Interaktiv". (Photo: Andreas Heddergott)

Not so much a dry essay, but more like a coffee table book: the app "TUM Interaktiv" for iOS and Android offers an exciting compendium of our 14 faculties - with animations, simulations, games, and puzzles.

It was developed at our Chair of Geometry and Visualization (Prof. Jürgen Richter-Gebert) in cooperation with Aaron Montag. The Chair focuses on interactive visualizations of scientific content.

Richter-Gebert has been developing apps under the "science-to-touch" label for several years, aiming to publish content from science and neighboring areas in an easily accessible manner. This includes the multi-award-winning app "iOrnament" for ornaments and signs, as well as the interactive mathematics app "Math-To-Touch". In addition to the iOS-version by TUM Interaktiv, the new Android-version (implemented by his colleague Aaron Montag) was made available a few days ago.

TUM Interaktiv can be downloaded via

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