Sustainability Innovation Campus

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Call for proposals for pilot projects until 30 November 2023

The Sustainability Innovation Campus (ICN) initiated by the University of Freiburg and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), which will begin its work in January 2024, has announced a two-year funding programme for start-up projects. Scientists from the University of Freiburg, KIT and cooperating universities and research institutions are invited to submit their project outlines by 30 November 2023.

The ICN is looking for research projects that pursue approaches of transformative and transdisciplinary sustainability science. In the nexus of the three innovation fields of the ICN (climate protection, resource conservation and well-being), the pilot projects should exemplarily develop, research, pilot and evaluate the sustainability ideas of the ICN and prepare them for expansion.

Two-year About the Sustainability Innovation Campus

The Sustainability Innovation Campus (ICN) is a joint initiative by the University of Freiburg (UFR) and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Under the guiding principle "Transformations for Urban Regions of the Future: Climate Protection, Resource Conservation, and Well-Being," the two universities are setting their sights on comprehensive social, technical, and economic innovations - along with a network of actors from science, industry, politics, administration, and civil society. Together they aim to contribute to the ’great transformation’ towards a sustainable society.

The research and transfer activities of ICN are based on a holistic approach: In contrast to conventional (purely) technical innovations, system innovations are combined with entrepreneurial, ecological, and social innovations, thus making social change possible in the first place. The simultaneous further development of the innovation ecosystem - a network encompassing everyone from the actors generating the ideas for innovations and those implementing them to the users - has the goal of expediting the transfer of sustainability innovations.

How to submit a project outline

Project outlines should be sent digitally to Dr Dörte Peters ( ), the coordinator of the ICN, using the template included in the call for proposals. Dr. Peters is available for queries by e-mail or telephone (0761 203 95778).