Study orientation at the TU Ilmenau: ’Study natural sciences for a day’

Student at the TU Ilmenau in a laboratory
Student at the TU Ilmenau in a laboratory
High school graduates and high school students who are thinking about studying science are cordially invited to the project day "Study science for a day" on June 18. From 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., groups of pupils, but also interested individuals from the 10th grade onwards, will have the opportunity to get to know the science courses at Ilmenau University of Technology. Year 12 students in particular can use the project day for final study orientation.­-studi-tag

On the project day "Study Natural Sciences for a Day", the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at TU Ilmenau provides in-depth insights into the natural science degree courses in Biotechnical Chemistry , Mathematics and Technical Physics. The school leavers and pupils from the upper secondary school visit the chemistry and physics laboratories, attend experimental lectures and carry out experiments independently. During a guided tour at the end of the project day, they get to know the university campus. Lunch in the canteen is free of charge.

As a special feature this year, TU Ilmenau is offering in-depth lectures parallel to the normal program for pupils who feel "underchallenged" in physics, chemistry and mathematics at school. At the university, they have the opportunity to push themselves to their limits and perhaps even beyond at an early stage.

Prof. Christian Dreßler

Head of Group of Theoretical Solid State Physics
+49 3677 69-3276