Studium generale and Colloquium politicum begin the summer semester on April 25, 2022

The program will focus on the cultural-historical background of the Ukraine conflict and cultural understanding

The Studium generale and the Colloquium politicum of the University of Freiburg present their new program for the 2022 summer semester, which starts at the end of April. "The program is characterized by classroom lectures as well as virtual live lectures and discussions. We are pleased that for the first time in two years, weekly lectures can take place again in the large lecture hall 1010," says Werner Frick , the director of Studium generale.

Starting April 27, 2022, the eleven-part series "World Views: Understanding Culture" with lectures from a spectrum of humanities, cultural studies and social sciences. The lecture cycle provides insights into current issues and findings in research in the humanities and cultural studies at the University of Freiburg. The series "War in Ukraine: Background and Perspectives," which was created in cooperation with the Department of History and the Department of Slavic Studies, deals with the cultural-historical background of the war in Ukraine.

With the discussion panels "Books to talk about" and "Talks about current productions," two formats that had to be cancelled due to the pandemic in the past two years or could only take place in digital form will again be held in the summer semester. In addition, the Studium generale offers four more lecture series , including "Archaeological-Historical Approaches to Significant Places along the Upper Rhine" and the question "Have Women Artists Finally Arrived?" which sheds light on why women artists are increasingly being promoted in galleries.

Saturday University still not taking place

The "Saturday-Uni" organized in cooperation with the Adult Education Center Freiburg has to be cancelled once again this summer semester. "We do not want to endanger the large audience of partly ’seniors.’ The risk of contracting Corona is simply still too high at an event of this size in closed rooms at present," explains Frick.

The Colloquium politicum program

The sister program Colloquium politicum offers lecture series and individual lectures on political and economic topics starting April 25, 2022. The discussion round "Post-Election Breakfast: France has Elected - Analyses, Views, Arguments" marks the start of a series of individual events. This will be followed during the semester by the Freiburg Africa Talks, an evening with Josef Salomonovic - a contemporary witness to the Nazi era - and a lecture and discussion on the war in Ukraine. The event will conclude with a lecture by Thekla Walker, Minister for the Environment, Climate and Energy in Baden-Württemberg, on the subject of "Environmental Protection and Climate Change in Baden-Württemberg."

In the lecture series "Economy - where to?" experts look at various economic models that offer prospects for a flourishing economy in challenging times. The online series "Freiburger Vereine, Verbände und Kirche in der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus" (Freiburg clubs, associations and church in the time of National Socialism) attempts at taking stock of the region and analyzes different examples.

Most of the lectures of the Studium generale and Colloquium politicum take place in presence, some events exclusively online, many in hybrid form with livestream and/or recording. All current information, event links and notes on the admission requirements can be found on the. Currently, the wearing of an FFP2 mask is mandatory in the buildings of the university.

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