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European Union funds University Network ENLIGHT with further 2.5 million euros

The University of Göttingen, together with its partners in the European University Network ENLIGHT, has received further funding of around 2.5 million euros. With the support of the European Commission, the partner universities can expand their joint research and innovation structures. The goal of the "ENLIGHT RISE" project is to increase the competitiveness of the universities that are part of the Network, as well as to align and combine the strengths of these partners at a high level.

"ENLIGHT RISE enables us to build even more on the quality of the collaborations with our partner universities in the ENLIGHT Network," says Professor Hiltraud Casper-Hehne, Vice-President for Internationalisation at Göttingen University. "The project enables us to internationalise the excellent research in the network even more and thus create the prerequisite for institutionally consolidated, cutting-edge, European research."

Further internationalisation has the added advantage of attracting new and outstanding researchers to Göttingen. In addition, ENLIGHT RISE focuses on strengthening interaction between the University, regional business and society. "This is where Göttingen - as a centre of science and research - can realise its potential in the heart of Europe," says Casper-Hehne. "The University can position itself as a bridge between the European scientific community and local businesses and employers." A stronger emphasis on Open Science should ensure that research results have an even greater impact on society than in the past.

ENLIGHT RISE will create new personal development opportunities for early career researchers by removing institutional barriers and initiating networking opportunities for selected projects that can have an impact beyond research. The aim is to increase the attractiveness of a career in scientific research. In order to achieve these goals, ENLIGHT RISE will first develop a research and innovation agenda, with the help of the funding, and build the digital infrastructure necessary to implement it. More information about the ENLIGHT University Network can be found at

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