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Students return to the university: start of the lectures at the economics facult

Students return to the university: start of the lectures at the economics faculty. (Image: Robert Emmerich / Universität Würzburg)


The University of Würzburg is starting the 2022 summer semester with around 26,000 students and courses delivered largely in person.

Today, the University of Würzburg welcomes 25,952 students back to campus for the summer semester. It is planned that this semester’s courses will largely be delivered in person.

Tried and tested digital teaching formats that existed at the University before the Coronavirus pandemic or that were newly developed will of course continue to be used: The lecturers will decide in which format they will offer their courses.

Protecting our students and staff members from becoming ill remains important

People who enter University buildings no longer have to show proof of their recovery or vaccination status or proof of a negative test result, and the University no longer collects contact information. Lecture halls and classrooms will return to full capacity.

However - as the number of COVID cases is still high - surgical face masks or FFP2 filtering masks must be worn inside University buildings. This mask requirement does not apply if people occupy a fixed seat or standing place, provided that a distance of at least 1.5 metres is kept between people. This rule also applies during courses and to lecturers.

The University’s COVID-19 taskforce will continue to monitor the situation and will re-evaluate the rules in place at the University as necessary.

Current student numbers

As of 24 April 2022, the University of Würzburg has a total of 25,952 students; 61% of our students are women. Currently, 6,014 students are enrolled in teaching degree programmes. Nine percent (2,282) of our students come from abroad.

552 students are in their first university semester; 65% of them are women. This means that the trend we have seen in the past few years continues: The share of female students is increasing.

The two COVID testing sites on campus will continue to operate at least until the end of May 2022. One is located in the Z6 lecture hall building on Hubland Campus, the other at the Studentenhaus building.


The safety and hygiene guidelines of the University

By Robert Emmerich / Universität Würzburg

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