Siemens supports cutting-edge research

Norbert Gaus of the Siemens AG (right) and TUM President  Wolfgang A. Herrmann a

Norbert Gaus of the Siemens AG (right) and TUM President Wolfgang A. Herrmann after signing the funding agreement. (Picture: Benz / TUM)

The Siemens AG is funding six new Hans Fischer Senior Fellowships at the Institute for Advanced Study (TUM-IAS) of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) with over two million euros. The research awards for top international researchers focus on the fields of "Simulation and Digital Twin" and "Future of Autonomous Systems/Robotics".

The Hans Fischer Senior Fellowships enable top international researchers to work on high-risk, future-oriented topics together with a corresponding research group at TUM. With its fellowship programme, TUM-IAS promotes cooperation between young and experienced scientists, between international research institutions, but also between universities and industry.

The donation from the Siemens AG strengthens the research domains of computer simulation and robotics, which are excellently staffed at the TUM. Three fellowships focus their work on computer simulation and so-called "digital twins", which are a digital counterpart of a physical object. For example, the "digital twin" can be used to simulate the central properties of a complex production plant, even if it is the first one in the planning stage. Another three fellowships deal with autonomous robot systems. TUm has a strong tradition in robitics resarch, which recently led to the founding of the Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence.

The TUM-IAS Fellows are selected following a rigorous, international review process. The first call for proposals will already take place in August 2018, so that the corresponding research groups can start their work next year.

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