Selfies for the anniversary

The ,,FoTUMat

The ,,FoTUMat" in TUM’s anniversary design. (Picture: elina_lava; James Steidl; weseetheworld /

TUM’s anniversary year

As of today, a photo box offers the opportunity to congratulate the Technical University of Munich (TUM) with a personal greeting to its 150th anniversary. The "FoTUMat" will be located in the next two weeks at the City Campus in Munich and will subsequently be set up at the Research Campus in Garching and at the Center for Life and Food Sciences Weihenstephan (WZW).

The "FoTUMat" works like a digital passport photo machine. After the picture has been taken, a personal greeting will be added and the pictures will be publicated at TUM’s anniversary website.

Locations and Dates

Munich: May 28 to June 10 - Main building , next to SSZ Service Desk
Garching: June 11 to June 24 - Magistrale in the Faculty Building Mathematics and Informatics
Weihenstephan: June 26 to July 8 - Central Libary (Building 4220)

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