Renowned Scientific Journalist

Dagmar Röhrlich

Dagmar Röhrlich

The renowned scientific journalist Dagmar Röhrlich (Cologne) is the new Springer Nature Visiting Professor for Scientific Communication at Heidelberg University. The degreed geologist works in radio and print media and is the author of numerous books on scientific topics. Her 2019/2020 winter semester programme will include several workshops. Young researchers, in particular, will be trained to share their research with the general public in an understandable way and to effectively contribute to social discourse.

The visiting professorship is a joint initiative of the Veranstaltungsforum of the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, the Klaus Tschira Foundation (KTS) and Ruperto Carola. Well-known experts are invited to Heidelberg University to pass on, in a specialised programme, what constitutes high-quality reporting on scientific work and findings. At the same time, visiting professors are encouraged to initiate a broad-based discussion on new forms of exchange between science and the public.

In her workshops, Dagmar Röhrlich will address, among other things, how the natural and social sciences and the humanities can collectively weigh in on the major social discussions of our time and to objectively counter the rising emotionalisation in public discourse. She will also share the "tools of the trade" needed in journalism and communication, such as how to be a good interview and dialogue partner. A public lecture is also planned. Dagmar Röhrlich has received multiple prizes and awards for her work in radio and print media, including the Georg von Holtzbrinck Prize for Scientific Journalism. She was named Science Journalist of the Year in 2011. Several of her books on scientific topics are geared toward children and adolescents.

With the professorship, the three founding partners hope to sharpen awareness of the growing importance of good scientific communication. Champions of excellent scientific communication and quality journalism are appointed as visiting professors. The Springer Nature Visiting Professorship is located at the Marsilius Kolleg of Ruperto Carola, which serves as a bridge between the scientific cultures in Heidelberg.

Klaus Tschira Foundation
The physicist and co-founder of SAP Klaus Tschira (1940 - 2015) established the Klaus Tschira Foundation in 1995. It is one of Europe’s large privately funded non-profit foundations. The KTS supports the natural sciences, mathematics and computer science, while striving to increase their appreciation. Education, research and science communication are the foundation’s three primary areas of focus. Special attention is placed on developing new forms of mediating and assessing scientific themes. The Klaus Tschira Foundation is active in kindergartens, schools, universities, research facilities throughout Germany and even has its own institutes. For over 20 years, people both within and outside of the Klaus Tschira Foundation have dedicated themselves to achieving these goals.

Veranstaltungsforum of the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group
The Veranstaltungsforum in Berlin is a subsidiary of the Publishing Group. Since 1994 we actively encourage the dialogue between experts in science, business, culture and society. Together with exclusive partners, important issues and impulses are discussed in a responsible and distinguished way. The Veranstaltungsforum significantly supports the interdisciplinary social dialogue. 

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