Reaction mechanisms during interphase formation in lithium batteries decoded

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MEET Researchers Decode Reaction Mechanisms During Interphase Formation in Lithium Batteries

A team of MEET Battery Research Center led by scientist Marco Leißing has now used isotope labelling and gas chromatography to analyse the reaction pathways during interphase formation in lithium batteries.

MEET scientists Dr Yannick Stenzel, Dr Fabian Horsthemke, Martin Winter and Dr Sascha Nowak were awarded the Separations 2020 Highly Cited Paper Award. The award-winning review article provides an overview of the current state of chromatographic methods in lithium ion battery research.

Dr Dilek Gürsoy and Martin Winter are the Unity Ambassadors of North Rhine-Westphalia. In a new video, they describe what is so special about Germany and what German Unity means to them.

Nickel-rich layered oxides such as lithium nickel cobalt aluminium oxides (NCA) are promising cathode materials for high-energy lithium ion batteries. A major challenge in the synthesis of these materials is however the homogeneous inclusion of aluminium during typical co-precipitation reactions. In a joint research project, scientists from MEET and Sabanci University in Istanbul developed an alternative synthesis process for NCA cathode materials that precisely fulfils this need.

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