"Published e-mail has obviously been faked"

"Published e-mail has obviously been faked"

Statement of the President of Leipzig University

In the meantime, President of Leipzig University Professor Beate Schücking has had the opportunity to read the e-mail correspondence between Professor Beck-Sickinger and the student from India. Professor Schücking had asked Professor Beck-Sickinger to make these e-mails available to her. Due to data protection regulations, Leipzig University is not allowed to publish this e-mail exchange at this time.

"No doubt, our colleague Beck-Sickinger has made a mistake. By apologising, she took the right step. I never assumed that she might not be telling truth. Having now read the e-mail exchange, I am sure about one point that is very important to me: The alleged rejection e-mail which has been spread on the internet was never written in this form. Professor Beck-Sickinger is telling the truth. Her comments on the issue of violence against women in India were not in her first answer but were made in reply to a provocative e-mail which followed the initial e-mail. To say it clearly: I do not tolerate these comments. However, I accept Professor Beck-Sickinger’s apology. And I can say that the published e-mail has obviously been faked."

She did not want to say anything about possible consequences yet, Professor Schücking said, because the issue was currently being reviewed internally by her office and the Council of Deans and would be subject to review by the Academic Senate next week.

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