Pilot phase of the Forum Wissen ensured

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German federal and state governments agree funding for the first five years - opening planned for autumn 2021

First Berlin, now Hannover: after the Federal Government of Germany decided last week to support the University of Göttingen’s planned Forum Wissen for five years with a total of 7.15 million euros, the State of Lower Saxony has now joined them by committing funding totalling 1.3 million euros for the same period. The Federal Government’s decision was a prerequisite for the state’s participation. Together with University funds, covering a proportion of the staff costs and all of the running costs for the building, the required reciprocal financing from federal funds is now in place. This guarantees the running of the Forum Wissen for the first five years.

"The Forum Wissen will allow us to engage in the urgently needed exchange between science and society in a new and contemporary way. This will be of great benefit to both sides," explains University President Professor Reinhard Jahn. "But the University could not have supported this major project on its own. That is why, in addition to the sponsors’ association and numerous supporters in the region, I am deeply grateful to all the Göttingen members of the German Bundestag and the President of the State Parliament of Lower Saxony, Dr Gabriele Andretta, for their clear commitment to the Forum Wissen, at all the many political levels. It is to their credit, that the necessary support has been achieved to successfully open and run the Forum Wissen."

The Forum Wissen is currently being established in the University of Göttingen Zoology Department’s former building on Berliner Straße. It was built in 1878 as the University’s "Natural History Museum". The opening of the Forum Wissen is planned for autumn 2021. "I must also give thanks to the entire project team under the direction of Dr Marie Luisa Allemeyer," continues the President. "The fact that we can now open the Forum Wissen with a plan for such excellent and modern content is due to the commitment of the staff of the Centre for Collection Development of the University over many years." The Thomas Oppermann Kultur-Forum Göttingen is to be established in the north wing of the building closely connected to the Forum Wissen; here the Federal Government is funding the renovation of the historic building and other structural measures as well as the establishment of the Kultur-Forum.

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