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Pedagogy - Campus - 09.05.2023

Computer Science - Pedagogy - 26.04.2023
Machine Learning for everyone
Machine Learning for everyone
Munich Data Science Institute Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence now share a joint home at TUM: The Munich Data Science Institute, a research center and service facility for scientific projects.

Innovation - Pedagogy - 07.02.2023
'ChatGPT can lead to greater equity in education'
’ChatGPT can lead to greater equity in education’
Position paper outlines opportunities for schools and universities The public launch of ChatGPT has led to considerable dismay at schools and universities.

Pedagogy - 09.01.2023

Pedagogy - Career - 22.12.2022

Career - Pedagogy - 05.12.2022
Teachers entering the profession from other fields often less satisfied
There is a shortage of teachers not only in Germany, but in many countries around the world. For this reason, people without formal teaching degrees are often brought in from other fields to teach in schools.

Event - Pedagogy - 13.09.2022

Campus - Pedagogy - 12.08.2022

Pedagogy - Innovation - 19.07.2022

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Pedagogy - 24.05.2022

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Pedagogy - 05.01.2022

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 22.11.2021

Pedagogy - Sport - 29.10.2021

Pedagogy - 13.10.2021
Encouragement for Student Research Projects
Berlin University Alliance is funding research projects conducted by students and junior researchers The Student Research Opportunities Program x (StuROP x ) of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA) is making it easier for students to participate in research early on in their studies.

Campus - Pedagogy - 12.10.2021

Campus - Pedagogy - 29.09.2021

Campus - Pedagogy - 06.09.2021
Between hope and reservations: Study on what students expect of remote learning
At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, teaching and learning at German brick-and-mortar universities shifted to virtual formats practically overnight.

Innovation - Pedagogy - 06.07.2021

Pedagogy - Career - 06.07.2021

Pedagogy - Innovation - 15.06.2021
The virtual classroom
The virtual classroom
Educational scientists at the University of Jena study the use of VR headsets in teacher training Educational scientists at Friedrich Schiller University Jena are working on a new project studying how virtual reality can enrich teacher training - and thus also enhance teaching in schools.

Environment - Pedagogy - 15.06.2021
'Learning to take responsibility for the future': How can education be made sustainable? - A guest commentary by Christian Fischer
’Learning to take responsibility for the future’: How can education be made sustainable? - A guest commentary by Christian Fischer
In view of current social developments and global challenges - for example, climate change and world health - education for sustainable development (ESD) is becoming increasingly important.

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - 10.06.2021

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - 20.04.2021