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[Translate to en:] Das studentische Projekt eCARus präsentiert sein Elektrofahrz

[Translate to en:] Das studentische Projekt eCARus präsentiert sein Elektrofahrzeug am Stand ,,Bayern Innovativ’. ( F. Krüger /TUM)

Again in 2019, several research teams from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) will be presenting projects at Hannover Messe, one of the world’s most important trade shows for industrial technology. The Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MSRM) will be at the Microsoft booth, presenting robots that combine sensory input to solve problems. TUM will also be represented by a student-run e-vehicle project and several start-ups.

Robots can do more than just complete tasks independently: they can also serve as extensions of our bodies. ’Tactile avatars’ are capable of carrying out hand movements at remote locations. The interesting possibilities of this technology are not limited to the working world. In the future, people unable to walk could use tactile avatars, controlled directly by the brain, in their everyday lives to send feedback in much the same way as healthy limbs.

Scientists at the MSRM , the interdisciplinary research center on robotics and machine intelligence, are studying such tactile avatars with the support of Microsoft. At Hannover Messe, they will be on hand at the Microsoft booth to demonstrate a key component of this technology. For people to control robots flexibly and with confidence, the robots themselves must be capable of perceiving their surroundings with human-like senses. At the booth, the MSRM team will demonstrate how robots can combine sight and touch to solve problems. While their sense of touch gives them the fine motor skills needed to insert a key into a lock, for example, they need the ability to process visual information in case the lock is not at the expected position.

Hall 7, Booth C40, Microsoft


In the eCARus project, TUM students are in the driver’s seat: More than 50 students are working to develop and design two electric vehicles. Along with the engineering aspects, they are gaining experience with interdisciplinary cooperation. The students will present the eCARus 2.0 electric car at the Bayern Innovativ booth.

Hall 2, Booth A52, Joint booth of the State of Bavaria - Bayern Innovativ

Smart production and new manufacturing processes

The Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management (iwb) at TUM will present its latest research projects in the area of smart production. The networking of plant facilities and products promotes the transparency and optimization of production processes. Visitors can try assembling components at a networked assembly station using intelligent assistance systems.

The booth will also present innovative manufacturing methods such as wire arc additive manufacturing to produce structural parts for the aviation industry.

Hall 2, Booth A52, Joint booth of the State of Bavaria - Bayern Innovativ

An efficient Drive train for electric vehicles

In the Speed4E project, scientists at the Institute for Machine Elements are conducting research on a highly efficient drive train for electric vehicles. They want to increase the speed of the electric motor to 50,000 rpm. Another objective is to combine the electronics, electric motor and transmission into the most compact package possible. Later the drive train will be integrated into two vehicles for testing. A model of the drive train produced on a 3D printer will be on display at the booth.

Hall 2, Booth C28, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Industry

TUM spin-offs at the Hannover Messe:

  • Blickfeld
    3D-LiDAR for autonomous vehicles and IoT applications
    Hall 13, Booth D17
  • blik
    Real time logistics tracking platform
    Hall 2, Booth A52, Joint booth of the State of Bavaria - Bayern Innovativ
  • enbreeze
    Small wind power systems for home use
    Hall 27, Booth L52/1
    System for location and motion sensing of objects and persons
    Hall 7, Booth F40
  • NavVis
    Indoor mapping and positioning
    Hall 6, Booth K30
  • ProGlove
    Intelligent gloves for manufacturing and logistics
    Hall 6, Booth B30
  • RoVi
    New possibilities for service robots through cameras and image analysis software
    Hall 2, Booth A52, Joint booth of the State of Bavaria - Bayern Innovativ
  • Software Factory
    Development of tailor-made software solutions and products
    Hall 6, Booth K46
  • Soley
    Software for the automatic analysis and visualization of product data and product models
    Hall 17, Booth C50
    Experts for 3D and augmented reality solutions
    Hall 6, Booth L22

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