Münster University makes the Top 100 in three subjects

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In the latest Shanghai Ranking the University of Münster achieves very good resu

In the latest Shanghai Ranking the University of Münster achieves very good results in many areas. © WWU - Robert Matzke

In three subjects the University of Münster is among the world’s 100 best universities. This is the result of the current Global Ranking of Academic Subjects, a worldwide comparison of universities undertaken by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In the ranking, Mathematics is in 49th place, and Chemistry and Communication Science achieved positions in the 76-100 grouping.

In the national comparison, Business Administration achieved the best result for Münster University, landing in first place, followed by Münster Mathematics in second place. The Geosciences and Educational Science each made it to third place in the national comparison. Communication Science moved up one place compared to last year and achieved fourth position. Chemistry was also placed fourth, and Dentistry eighth.

In its Global Ranking of Academic Subjects, Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China has been comparing the successes of 1,800 universities since 2017 in the subjects each offers. The indicators used for evaluation purposes include the number of articles published in prestigious journals, the number of times researchers are cited, the share of work co-produced internationally, and prestigious prizes and awards. Universities in the United States achieved top positions in 30 subjects, while chinese Universities dominated in 13 subjects. The best-performing institution is Harvard University in Boston, USA.

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