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Media - Electroengineering - 29.03.2023

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Campus - Media - 13.03.2023
New issue of the ’Faszination Forschung’ magazine
Faszination Forschung "Faszination Forschung" is the science magazine of TUM. It offers fascinating insights into the world of research at our university - twice a year, in German and in English, in print and in PDF. The latest issues of the magazine. "Faszination Forschung" Magazine no. The physics of self-organisation in biology What exactly is a 'good' innovation? We explore the social, political, and ethical dimensions of this question.

Campus - Media - 07.03.2023
Research center examining extremism on the right
The University of is to set up a research center to investigate right-wing extremism. The project is sponsored by the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Media - 23.11.2022

Media - Social Sciences - 21.11.2022

Campus - Media - 05.08.2022

Social Sciences - Media - 12.04.2021
Debate as a cultural technique: From disputations to conflicts on social media
Debate as a cultural technique: From disputations to conflicts on social media
Are we living in a world of lies, as the Süddeutsche Zeitung recently complained in a commentary on Donald Trump's political communication?

Media - 20.05.2020
Making research easy to understand
Making research easy to understand
Whether it is press releases, posts, reports in the university newspaper, podcasts, blog entries, lectures or events for children and school students: in all its diversity, science communication - inf

Art and Design - Media - 26.02.2018

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Media - Social Sciences - 15.02.2018

Social Sciences - Media - 17.11.2017

Media - 20.09.2017
The Mü 31 is off the ground
The Mü 31 is off the ground
Campus news After nine years under construction the new prototype from the academic fliers' club Akaflieg Munich ("Akademischen Fliegergruppe München") took to the air for the first time at the Königsdorf airfield.

Politics - Media - 05.09.2017
How Will the Germans Vote on September 24?
Expert Forum on September 14, 2017, 12 noon: Experts at Freie Universität to Address the Media No 233/2017 from Sep 05, 2017 According to surveys, about 40 percent of the voters have not yet decided how they will vote in the German federal elections on September 24.

Politics - Media - 17.08.2017

Media - Politics - 09.06.2017

Media - 03.05.2017
Effective literature research and use of online media
Effective literature research and use of online media
As of the summer semester 2017, the University Library offers new courses. The focus is on electronic media and on strategies for literature research.

Administration - Media - 21.04.2015
International Media and Communication: German-Russian Degree Program Calls for Applications
Double Degree Master's Program at Freie Universität Berlin and Saint Petersburg State University / Applications Being Accepted through June 15, 2015 For the second time Freie Universität Berlin and t

Media - 01.06.2011
Erste Weimar-Princeton Summer School for Media-Studies
Vom 5. bis zum 11. Juni 2011 findet in Weimar erstmals die Weimar-Princeton Summer School for Media-Studies statt.

Media - 03.02.2010
"Berufungen an Universitäten " aktuelle Praxis und Reformempfehlungen für die Zukunft"
Berlin - Freie Universität Berlin Kommunikations- und Informationsstelle der Freien Universität Berlin Telefon: 030-838 73180 Telefax: 030-838 73187 E-Mail: kommunikationsstelle [a] fu-berlin (p) de Alle Ansprechpartner ' Nr.

Media - 26.01.2010
Europäisches Wissenschaftsparlament hat Schulen für die Tagung im März ausgewählt
Berlin - RWTH-Aachen Startseite > Einrichtungen > Verwaltung > Dezernat 3 - Presse und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit > Pressemitteilungen der RWTH > Europäisches Wissenschaftsparlament hat Sch