Learning workshop during the corona lockdown

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The Student Counseling Center (ZSB) helps with learning tips and consultations.

The Student Counseling Center (ZSB) helps with learning tips and consultations.

The Student Counseling Center’s learning workshop supports students during the virtual summer semester with different offers such as a weekly newsletter with learning tips. Every Monday morning, the students who sign up are given information on how to learn efficiently. The first edition was all about self-organized learning, and the second edition showcased the use of mindmaps for structuring the subject matter. The "Corona Special" section of the newsletter highlights aspects of university studies from your home office. Students are also encouraged to submit stories about the positive aspects of their learning experience, which are then featured in future newsletters. All editions are saved on Ilias and are available to all students and teaching staff free of charge. You can sign up to the newsletter with just a short e-mail.

The close links between the learning workshop and the "digital teaching" task force mean that re-registrations by students for online teaching and feedback from teachers regarding studying behavior can be shared: a contribution towards teaching and learning in the digital era.

The advisors at the Student Counseling Center can be reached by phone every day without the need for an appointment, as well as by e-mail. They are happy to support students and prospective students with information and advice quickly and uncomplicatedly. The first workshops and individual consultations via Webex with participants in India and France show the potential of the digital platform, and are very well received by students.

Questions can be submitted to the Student Counseling Center by e-mail.

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