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Environment - Law - 07.06.2022
'I would give nature rights'
’I would give nature rights’
Jens Kersten, an expert in constitutional law, conducts research into the environment and society in the Anthropocene - and supports an international movement to provide nature with better legal protection.

Event - Law - 11.05.2022

Law - 24.03.2022
European Regulatory Approach to Trustworthy AI in Public Administration
Freiburg researchers collaborated on European Law Institute model rules on artificial intelligence, to be presented in a webinar in April The European and global legal community is currently engaged

Law - Social Sciences - 18.03.2022

Campus - Law - 21.05.2021

Law - Social Sciences - 15.07.2020

Administration - Law - 03.06.2020
TUM shapes digital administration for the new decade
TUM Center for Digital Public Services The Technical University of Munich (TUM) has established a unique research center for the digitalization of public administration.

Law - 16.03.2020
Botanischer Garten vorerst geschlossen
In a recent publication, Nora Markard , Professor of International Public Law and International Human Rights Protection at the University of Münster, looked at the issues of sea rescues, places of safety and the behaviour of the European Union (EU).

Law - Campus - 25.11.2019

Law - Innovation - 11.07.2019

Law - Religions - 21.03.2019
"I would never otherwise have asked how important religion is in law."
Anyone entering the office of law scholar Nils Jansen can see at a glance: hard work is done here. The director of the Department of Legal History at the University of Münster has books, journals, and a notebook spread around his desk in a semicircle and stacked up in piles.

Law - History / Archeology - 21.11.2017

Social Sciences - Law - 04.09.2017

Law - Career - 04.07.2017
Management board salaries rising at a slower pace than corporate profits
Management board salaries rising at a slower pace than corporate profits
Research news The salaries of DAX management board members rose by only 1 percent last year, although the profits earned by their companies increased by 25 percent.

Social Sciences - Law - 28.06.2017

Law - Politics - 19.06.2017

Mechanical Engineering - Law - 01.02.2017
A pedelec drive system - To go!
A pedelec drive system - To go!
Research news Engineers at TUMCREATE in Singapore have developed an electric motor which can be easily attached to almost any bicycle, turning it into a pedelec (pedal electric cycle).

Event - Law - 11.01.2017

Law - Social Sciences - 14.12.2016
Anja Seibert-Fohr Named Endowed Professor for Legal Studies of the Rule of Law
Anja Seibert-Fohr Named Endowed Professor for Legal Studies of the Rule of Law
Law Professor Dr Anja Seibert-Fohr, internationally renowned expert in public international law and human rights and Vice Chair of the United Nations Human Rights Committee, is joining the ranks of Heidelberg University.

Law - 10.12.2015
The Erasmus programme has a lot to offer
When Anita and Jonathon Watson, both 31, think back today to Erasmus - i.e. the well-known exchange programme set up by the European Union in 1987 to enable students to spend time at universities abroad - it has now acquired a completely new dimension for them.

Law - Social Sciences - 30.03.2015
Dissolution of the State and Guarantee for Human Rights?
Fourth Panel Discussion of the European Salon on April 27, 2015 / Topic: Perspectives of European Migration Policy Migration is the topic to be discussed in the fourth panel discussion of the European Salon series on April 27, 2015, on the premises of the Representation of the Saarland.

Economics / Business - Law - 18.10.2013

Law - Social Sciences - 02.07.2013
4.5 Million Euros Granted for German-Israeli Research Program on "Human Rights Under Pressure"
German Research Foundation (DFG) and Einstein Foundation Berlin to fund a collaborative doctoral research program at Freie Universität Berlin and Hebrew University of Jerusalem: First German-Israeli