’JetztKlimachen’: The University of Stuttgart is joining the climate protection campaign organized by the city of Stuttgart

Photo: Franziska Brendel
Photo: Franziska Brendel

Stuttgart shows just how diverse climate protection can be. The University of Stuttgart has hung a banner on Campus Stadtmitte to show its support for the campaign.
[Picture: Franziska Brendel]

The Stuttgart climate protection campaign is being launched under the motto "JetztKlimachen" and aims to draw attention to climate protection and build on a broad network of Stuttgart companies, institutions, and associations. The University of Stuttgart is also joining the campaign. Under the leadership of the Climate Protection Office, the campaign relies heavily on community spirit and seeks to involve the city’s residents. The campaign will demonstrate how much is already happening in the city, how diverse climate protection can be, and how citizens can actively help shape this. This format provides motivation and role models that encourage people to get involved.

To launch the campaign, climate protection will literally become the talk of the town: large banners across the cityscape will trigger a climate challenge that will unfold across the entire city. Participants will highlight how they are tackling climate change and nominate others to do the same. The University of Stuttgart has also joined in by hanging a banner on the Stadtmitte campus. The campaign statement is: "Climate protection begins in the mind. The University of Stuttgart is on its way to becoming climate-neutral." The university has nominated the Hochschule der Medien as the next candidate.

There is a climate map on the campaign website, where individuals, associations, initiatives, or companies can enter the climate projects they are implementing. The University of Stuttgart’s Green Office is also involved. The Green Office is the central point of contact for sustainability and climate protection at the university. Here, a university-wide sustainability and climate protection concept as well as environmentally friendly campus infrastructures are being developed, in conjunction with other partners.

In addition, the Green Office provides information and helps to establish networks between those involved in sustainability, from the fields of research, teaching, and business. As an initiator of innovative projects that encourage active participation, the office acts as a catalyst for sustainability at the university. The JetztKlimachen campaign was launched on March 15, 2022, and will run until the end of 2023. The Green Office encourages all employees and students to get involved by adding themselves to the climate map or trying out life hacks for climate protection [de] .

Research projects on climate protection The Green Office works closely with the and the Mobility Living Lab (MobiLab) research and innovation laboratory. MobiLab is an innovative mobility concept for the university campus. The aim of this is to make Campus Vaihingen emission-free in the long term. In the CampUS hoch i Real-World laboratory, researchers, students, employees, and representatives from the business community are working on advancing climate-neutral living and construction A first major step was a survey of about 1,700 university employees on how to implement strategies for a carbon-neutral university.