Ilmenau - the forgotten spa town

TU Ilmenau Citizens’ Campus


Speaker: Dr. Wolfgang Burzlaff, Author

Time: Friday, 12.05.2023, 3:00 p.m.

Place: TU Ilmenau, Faradaybau, Weimarer Straße 32

Admission: 5 Euro

In the urban area of Ilmenau, the so-called Südstadt is also called "Kurviertel". But very few people know that this name comes from a one hundred year old tradition of a bathing culture in Ilmenau. From the end of the 19th century, the whole town benefited from the spa industry in Ilmenau: Numerous buildings served the spa culture - many a building name, as well as several street names, still bear witness to Ilmenau’s past as a spa town - and spa promenades and hiking trails were laid out in the nearby slopes of the Thuringian Forest for the recreation of guests at the time.

In his lecture in the context of the TU Ilmenau Bürgercampus’ reports Dr. Wolfgang Burzlaff, who wrote the book "Die Ilmenauer Kaltwasserheilanstalt" (The Ilmenau Cold Water Spa), tells of the partly forgotten history surrounding the bathing culture of the former Bad Ilmenau. Burzlaff describes the rise and fall of the spa business, and he provides insights into the structure and functioning of Ilmenau’s bathing culture, which was always closely intertwined with the town’s economic and social development.