’I really felt like challenging myself’

The STM is used to create high-resolution images of individual atoms on a surfac

The STM is used to create high-resolution images of individual atoms on a surface: Student Nereida Abad-Yang from London is currently working at TUM.

You arrived in Munich on July 02, so you’ve already been here over a month. How do you like it so far?

I like it very much. At first I was a little worried that Munich would be too quiet compared to London and that there wouldn’t be enough to do. But that’s turned out not to be true at all. After I go to the university I like to walk in the Englischer Garten or run along the Isar.

That would probably by the permanent wave in the Eisbach with all the surfers. I think that’s really cool. And I also enjoy the university quarter in Maxvorstadt, where there are plenty of nice shops and cafés.

So you’ve already become a real Munich fan. What were your first days in the city like?

I was assigned a "buddy" by the TUM PREP program. She picked me up at the airport and brought me to my dormitory. It was a great help to have somebody with me who was familiar with the city. She also showed me around the neighborhood, for example where the nearest supermarket is. One thing that really shocked me: Everything is closed on Sundays here! I arrived in Munich on a Saturday and had to go shopping on the same day so that I’d have some food to eat.

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