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History / Archeology - Physics - 15.09.2021

Religions - History / Archeology - 13.08.2021

Social Sciences - History / Archeology - 16.07.2021

History / Archeology - Linguistics / Literature - 09.04.2021
Clay tablets reveal styles of governance
Clay tablets reveal styles of governance
Quite a few of the antique clay tablets which Prof. Kristin Kleber works with look as if a chicken has walked across damp clay.

Research Management - History / Archeology - 05.03.2021

Music - History / Archeology - 05.02.2021

Religions - History / Archeology - 26.01.2021

History / Archeology - Campus - 17.12.2020

History / Archeology - 11.12.2020
"We immerse ourselves in worlds gone by"
In his book "Localism and the Ancient Greek City-State", Prof. Hans Beck from the Department of Ancient History traces the influence of localism in the globalized world of ancient Greece.

History / Archeology - Social Sciences - 03.12.2020

History / Archeology - Politics - 13.11.2020

Campus - History / Archeology - 13.10.2020
Gko? Gkr!
Gko? Gkr!
Now that the Rectorate has approved the Faculty's application to change its name to 'Fakultät für Geschichte, Kunstund Regionalwissenschaften' in German and to 'Faculty of History, Art and Area Studies' in English, the institution can operate under this name.

History / Archeology - Philosophy - 30.09.2020
Leonardus Lessius, an "Important pioneer of European business ethics"
Legal historians in Cluster of Excellence make the work of Dutch legal scholar and moral theologian Leonardus Lessius accessible for the first time - Developed innovative legal and ethical principles

History / Archeology - 17.09.2020

History / Archeology - Religions - 09.09.2020
Paul de Lagarde (1827-1891) - scholar and anti-Semite
Paul de Lagarde (1827-1891) - scholar and anti-Semite
Research team from Göttingen and Potsdam examines the intellectual legacy of the Göttingen Orientalist Who was Paul de Lagarde?

Campus - History / Archeology - 15.05.2020

History / Archeology - Social Sciences - 22.04.2020
Good teeth and well fed: grave find provides insights into the everyday lives of the elite in antiquity
Good teeth and well fed: grave find provides insights into the everyday lives of the elite in antiquity
It was a surprising discovery that the archaeologists made. A team from the Asia Minor Research Centre at the Department of History at the University of Münster, working together with archaeologists from the Museum of Archaeology in the town of Gaziantep, uncovered the remains of 91 people from the time of imperial Rome in a rock-cut burial chamber in the ancient city of Doliche in south-eastern Turkey.

History / Archeology - Research Management - 05.03.2020

History / Archeology - 19.02.2020

History / Archeology - Environment - 05.02.2020
Prehistoric Skeleton Discovered in Southern Mexico
A prehistoric human skeleton found on the Yucatán Peninsula in southern Mexico is at least 10,000 years old and most likely dates from the end of the most recent ice age, the late Pleistocene.

History / Archeology - 03.02.2020
Thomas Apolte on the modern myth of revolution
Thomas Apolte on the modern myth of revolution
After the disaster of the Arab Spring, the modern myth of revolution initially lost some of its attractiveness, but the myth has been revived again in the wake of the latest wave of mass protests in many countries across the world.

History / Archeology - Criminology / Forensics - 28.01.2020
New insights into the Holocaust in German-occupied Poland and on the killing of sick people as
New insights into the Holocaust in German-occupied Poland and on the killing of sick people as "euthanasia"-
As part of a press conference and an event held at the "Topography of Terror" documentation center, historians from the Ludwigsburg Research Center at the University of Stuttgart and the Bildungswerk

History / Archeology - 08.01.2020

Religions - History / Archeology - 04.12.2019
On show - and specially conserved
On show - and specially conserved
The walls, the floor, the ceiling - everything is black. The light is dimmed to such an extent that visitors' eyes first have to become accustomed to it when they enter the room.

History / Archeology - 02.12.2019

History / Archeology - 21.11.2019

Linguistics / Literature - History / Archeology - 22.10.2019

History / Archeology - 15.10.2019

History / Archeology - Social Sciences - 28.06.2019

History / Archeology - 17.06.2019

History / Archeology - 26.05.2019
Admitted to Academy for Junior Researchers
Global history specialist Valeska Huber from Freie Universität admitted to Junge Akademie No 150/2019 from May 26, 2019 On Saturday the historian Dr. Valeska Huber at Freie Universität Berlin was appointed a member of Die Junge Akademie , the German academy for outstanding young scholars.

History / Archeology - 22.05.2019

History / Archeology - Research Management - 21.05.2019

History / Archeology - 16.04.2019

History / Archeology - 26.03.2019

Religions - History / Archeology - 15.03.2019
"I want to show Jewish culture in all its richness"
Katrin Kogman-Appel, holder of a Humboldt Professorship of Jewish Studies, researches at the "Religion and Politics" Cluster of Excellence What would a scholarly network with a focus on "Religion and
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