High-tech ecosystem around TUM continues to grow

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This is what the research building will look like one day Image: SCOPE Architekt
This is what the research building will look like one day Image: SCOPE Architekten GmbH
Work kicks off on new SAP research center on Garching campus

The international software company SAP and Technical University Munich (TUM) are ramping up their long-standing collaboration: Wednesday marked the official start of work on a new research center, the SAP Lab Munich Campus, located on the TUM campus in Garching. When the doors open in 2023, the new building will house around 600 SAP employees and 120 TUM researchers, active mainly in the field of informatics, who will focus on joint innovations for the sustainable digital transformation of the economy and society.

As TUM President Thomas F. Hofmann commented: "With this joint research building we are not only strengthening the high-caliber partnership between TUM and SAP. We are also setting a new milestone in the continuing development of Munich as a high-tech location that is rapidly becoming the European center of innovation in the global pursuit of future technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics." This joint venture is part of TUM’s "Industry on Campus" strategy which aims to translate cutting-edge science into innovations delivering practical benefits for the economy.

SAP Executive Board member Thomas Saueressig emphasized: "This unique location directly on the TUM campus and in immediate proximity to its leading scientists opens up new opportunities for interaction and collaboration. We anticipate that this will add further innovative momentum to our joint applied research projects." Key topics include sustainability, mobility, industry 4.0 and commerce.

The Free State of Bavaria provided the over 20,000 square meter site for the building. Science Minister Bernd Sibler stated: "This close and long-standing cooperation with SAP promises to deliver valuable synergy effects for all parties concerned and represents a huge gain for Bavaria as a science hub. On the part of the Free State, with our multi-billion euro future-oriented High-Tech Agenda for Bavaria, we are putting the ideal conditions in place to support high-tech development in Bavaria and underpin Munich as Europe’s Silicon Valley."

And the construction work begins...

Image: TUM/Uli Benz

Spade on the construction site

Image: TUM/Uli Benz

From left: SAP Executive Board member Thomas Saueressig, Bavaria’s Science Minister Bernd Sibler, TUM President Thomas F. Hofmann