’Happy Learning’ Conference at Freie Universitšt Berlin to Showcase Successful Methods for Foreign Language Teaching

Series of educational events for teachers, administrators, parents, and students starts on June 8, 2024

A number of talks and workshops held as part of the "Happy Learning" conference at the Seminar Center in Freie Universitšt Berlin’s Rostund Silberlaube building on June 8, 2024, will focus on promoting fun and motivation among young language learners. The conference is aimed at anyone involved in language learning and teaching at schools, including parents, school administrators, and students, and is free to attend. Teachers from many German federal states can also have the conference recognized as a continuing education course. Please note that this conference is in very high demand. Free spaces will be allocated on a first-come, first served basis. You can register in advance at: https://docs.google.com/forms/­d/e/1FAIpQ­LSdMzZt_ju­iI0skNS0sa­p6v6I0IVny­JNOiZzQJ2X­t5kzV68qpQ­/viewform.

Picture books, films, music, and yoga can be incorporated into language acquisition to make learning more engaging and bolster language learners’ resilience and motivation. The "Happy Learning" conference aims to promote enjoyment and eagerness to learn among school students. Learning languages is an important aspect of educational success, but many people struggle when it comes to acquiring foreign language skills. Professor Michaela Sambanis from Freie Universitšt Berlin and visiting Christian Ludwig will shine a light on positive foreign language teaching methods in their keynote speech and show how language learning can be fun and used to promote resilience among students rather than being a disheartening experience.

The conference program includes forty-five events with a focus on real-world applications led by specialists from institutions of higher education, non-university institutions, primary/secondary schools, and schoolbook publishers. The conference is sure to be a source of inspiration for those seeking to promote language learning among children and teenagers. The English Didactics division at Freie Universitšt Berlin is organizing the conference.

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