Find funding for start-ups in Hamburg

Photo: rawpixel The databank includes over 500 providers.Photo: rawpixel The databank includes over 500 providers.

Capital or advice, private or public: in Hamburg, there is a range of support for potential entrepreneurs who wish to launch a company. A new databank set up in the Faculty of Business Administration at Universität Hamburg is now offering a comprehensive and transparent overview.

Until now, there have been overviews of only very specific funding options, such as public funding. The new databank, which is regularly supplemented, takes a holistic approach and includes private initiatives. Entrepreneurs either thinking about or actively setting up new businesses can inform themselves. Filters make it easy to narrow the search. Among other things, you can search for type of support: funding, administrative support, events, or space. You can also select the start-up phase.

The project team launched the databank with over 500 funding providers. Additionally, there are roughly 100 events such as founders’ and business plan competitions. These kinds of activities also help start-ups develop and network with other regional start-ups. The databank also includes national funding programs used in Hamburg.

"Previously, the infrastructure for support and funding for prospective entrepreneurs was not very transparent," explains Michel Clement, professor of marketing and media at the Faculty of Business Administration. Together with his staff at the faculty’s Management Transfer Lab, he researched avaiable support and guided the analysis of the start-up scene. Data were confirmed and expanded upon in talks with experts, entrepreneurial consultants at Hamburg’s universities, and investors.

The databank also includes Universität Hamburg, with its many knowledge exchange activities, for example via the Knowledge Exchange Agency, and offers from the faculties and clusters of excellence. At Universität Hamburg, one of the 5 main goals forming part of its successful grant application in the Excellence Strategy competition was the intensification of exchange with society at large.

Databank: https://startup-ecosystem.­blogs.uni-­

Additions and updates can be made at any time and sent to bwl.exist "AT" Furthermore, there are plans for concrete projects to successively expand the databank to Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen, Lower Saxony, and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. To this end, researchers from the Management Transfer Lab are cooperating with, among others, the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel and the Universities of Bremen and Göttingen.

The website was made possible by funding within the framework of the EXIST program Potentiale heben ("raising potential"), itself financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action and the European Social Fund. The goal of the project is to further strengthen entrepreneurship at Universität Hamburg and, in cooperation with the Knowledge Exchange Agency, to contribute to the conditions for innovative and growth-oriented start-ups rooted in academia.