Executive University Board Statement on Renewed Disruption of Bernd Lucke’s Lecture

Photo: UHH/Baumann  Second lecture in macroeconomics by Bernd Lucke broken off

Photo: UHH/Baumann Second lecture in macroeconomics by Bernd Lucke broken off

Despite extensive security precautions taken by Universität Hamburg, today, the second lecture on macroeconomics delivered by Bernd Lucke was interrupted and had to be canceled. On this, the Executive University Board issued the following statement:

After running for almost an hour, the lecture was disrupted as numerous protesters, some with their faces covered, stormed the lecture hall. In close consultation with the police and Lucke, the University had appointed a private security company to monitor access to the lecture hall, allowing only registered students to enter. Registered students were also offered the opportunity to livestream the lecture. In keeping with its safety policy, in response to the disruption, Universität?Hamburg canceled the lecture immediately, and Lucke was escorted safely from the premises. At no point was his personal safety or that of the students in danger.

The Executive University Board roundly condemns such disruptions to lectures. The University cannot countenance restrictions on academic freedom in research and teaching in any form, or the prevention of a civil servant in the employ of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg from performing their duties.

In such matters, a university reaches the limits of what it can provide with regard to maintaining safety and order. Ensuring that universities can pursue their duties safely and without restriction is a political matter, and as such should fall to the politicians of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Press release as PDF

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