DNA analysis in schools

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TUM makes it possible for pupils to experiment with professional biotechnology e
TUM makes it possible for pupils to experiment with professional biotechnology equipment.

BR presents bioengineering program

PCR equipment, genetic engineering, enzyme reactions - it is still extremely rare to see pupils carrying out biotechnology experiments in school classrooms. This is made possible under a program offered by TUM and the Amgen Foundation and by the school network of the Schülerforschungszentrum Berchtesgadener Land, a research center for pupils. The broadcaster BR was on hand as a school class carried out a DNA analysis experiment.

Around 5500 pupils have already explored PCR technology, agarose gel electrophoresis and other equipment and substances since TUM and the Amgen Foundation launched their program in 2017. The 11th class pupils analyze their own DNA, for example, or produce lactose-free dairy products. The program trains teachers in bioengineering working techniques and the didactic possibilities for secondary and vocational schools. Schools can then borrow the lab equipment for classroom use.

The Schülerforschungszentrum Berchtesgadener Land, operated by TUM and the administrative district, will now make it possible for even more young people to try out genetic engineering methods for themselves. The center has formed partnerships - extending beyond the local area - with schools that can borrow the equipment in the long term. This makes it possible for teachers from other nearby schools to be trained and in turn to conduct experiments with their classes. This school network includes the Kurfürst-Maximilian-Gymnasium in Burghausen, where the BR documentary crew paid a visit.