DAAD to Support the Internationalization of Teacher Training at Universität Hamburg

Photo: UHH/Dechant  The students from the USA or Ghana attend a joint summer sch

Photo: UHH/Dechant The students from the USA or Ghana attend a joint summer school at Universität Hamburg.

With the "Tricontinental Teacher Training" project, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) will support the internationalization of teacher training at Universität Hamburg from 2020. Over the coming three years, Universität Hamburg (project lead) will cooperate with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA) and the University of Education Winneba (Ghana) within a trilateral network to implement an exchange program for trainee teachers and instructors at all three participating universities. The DAAD will support the project with funding totaling around ¤273.000.

In the future the Tricontinental Teacher Training program will offer trainee teachers at the three universities the opportunity to experience foreign languages, cultures, and other education systems first hand.

University president Dr. h.c. Dieter Lenzen: "These days, globalization often has a decisive impact on the demands made of prospective teachers in their professional lives. Hence the aspects of internationality, interculturalism, and multilingualism must be firmly embedded in teacher training. I am delighted that we can offer trainee teachers at our University this outstanding opportunity over the coming three years and at the same time further our cooperation with the two international partner universities."

Students are prepared for their stay abroad at their home university by being familiarized with concepts of intercultural comparative educational science and intercultural sensitization. Hamburg students spend four weeks at the partner university in the USA or Ghana.

During their time abroad (winter school), they work as assistants at schools in the host country and attend seminars at the host university to reflect on the theory behind their experiences. The students involved in the trilateral network are assigned a tandem partner. The tandem partners from the USA or Ghana then attend a joint summer school at Universität Hamburg. Students and teachers use a virtual seminar format before, during, and after their stay abroad to enable continuous collaborative work despite the physical distance. Press release as PDF

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