Construction work on the rotation building on the Poppelsdorf campus progresses

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Shell of the rotation building - The new building is growing rapidly in height a
Shell of the rotation building - The new building is growing rapidly in height at the Poppelsdorf campus. © Photo: Volker Lannert/Uni Bonn .

The cranes are currently turning on the Poppelsdorf campus of the University of Bonn. In the southern corner of the largest University development area close to the city center, a new building, the "Rotation Building," is rising to make room for University institutes that have to leave their previous premises due to renovation work. The client is Bauund Liegenschaftsbetrieb (BLB) NRW.

In the coming years, BLB NRW will carry out extensive renovation work on several buildings at the University of Bonn. Institutes of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in particular will have to be temporarily relocated for this purpose. In order to create appropriate alternative space for the affected institutions, a new building is being constructed opposite the LIMES Institute with around 7,700 square meters of usable space for laboratories, meeting rooms, workrooms and offices, which can be used by several hundred University members.

Since the renovation of the surrounding buildings will take place in stages, several cycles of use with different spatial requirements must be taken into account. The laboratory areas are of particular importance here: they will be designed to be changeable in use for the various disciplines and "multifunctional".

BLB NRW has awarded the contract for the construction project to a contractor, which includes the turnkey and ready-to-use as well as functional construction of the complete building including integrated planning. As things stand at present, completion of the building is scheduled for the end of 2023.