Computer science workshop for pupils at the TU Ilmenau

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On Saturday, 15 June, the TU Ilmenau will be hosting a computer science workshop
On Saturday, 15 June, the TU Ilmenau will be hosting a computer science workshop for pupils in grades 8 to 13
On Saturday, June 15, the TU Ilmenau will host a computer science workshop for students in grades 8 to 13. For one day, boys and girls will learn about the fascinating world of computer science and can also experiment themselves. They will learn about the activities of computer scientists and find out how they can set themselves on the path to exciting careers by studying at TU Ilmenau.

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Computer science can be found in many areas today: at first glance, it is recognizable in computer games and search engines, for example, or deeply embedded in vehicles or medical technology devices. The various activities in IT professions are correspondingly diverse. In the computer science workshop on June 15 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., pupils will gain realistic insights into practical applications and scientific research fields in computer science. They will also be able to try things out for themselves in various workshops: For example, they can build a circuit that allows them to record their own heartbeats using their cell phones. They learn how vehicles find their way autonomously, i.e. without a driver, they find out how the Internet determines the fastest route to the recipient when delivering parcels and they go in search of clues in the world of big data.

In addition to the workshops, the girls and boys will learn in discussions with scientists and students from TU Ilmenau how varied and fascinating the degree courses in computer science, computer engineering, biomedical engineering and technical cybernetics and systems theory are.

Parents who would like to accompany their children are very welcome at the parents’ café. Competent discussion partners from the Department of Computer Science and Automation are available here to explain everything about studying and living in Ilmenau.


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