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Computer Science - Research Management - 30.06.2022
Two new research units on artificial intelligence
German Research Foundation funds projects at the University of Bonn to the tune of millions of euros Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting a boost: the German Research Foundation (DFG) is funding a total of eight new AI research units with a total of 31.4 million euros.

Computer Science - Microtechnics - 22.06.2022
Artificial intelligence and robotics: exchange of ideas between trailblazing actors from industry and research
Artificial intelligence and robotics: exchange of ideas between trailblazing actors from industry and research
From next-gen intelligent systems and smart networks to robot-human interactions: at the second Hightech Summit under the auspices of the munich_i trade fair, scientists and industry experts offered a glimpse at how a future based on robotics and AI could look. Along with researchers from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and such renowned institutions as Imperial College London and Delft University, participants included robotics trailblazers from Boston Dynamics and Berkshire Grey as well as representatives of SAP, Google and Roche.

Computer Science - Materials Science - 16.06.2022
'Energy consumption places limits on digital computing'
’Energy consumption places limits on digital computing’
Wilfred G. van der Wiel, Professor of Nanoelectronics and Director of the Centre for Brain-Inspired Nano Systems (BRAINS) at the University of Twente, is considered to be a pioneer in the field of Material Learning. He has a second professorship at the Institute of Physics at the University of Münster.

Computer Science - Innovation - 07.06.2022

Computer Science - Innovation - 07.06.2022
An alarm system against hardware attacks
An alarm system against hardware attacks
Two simple antennas can protect computer hardware against physical manipulation Radio waves could protect computers, as well as card readers, from attacks on their hardware. As a team from the Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy in Bochum and the Ruhr University in Bochum has shown, the signal from one antenna in a device generates a characteristic electromagnetic pattern that is received by a second antenna.

Computer Science - Economics / Business - 02.06.2022

Innovation - Computer Science - 30.05.2022

Campus - Computer Science - 25.05.2022
New study programs at the University of Stuttgart
The application period for the 2022/23 winter semester at the University of Stuttgart has started. Students can apply for more than 160 Bachelor's and Master's degree programs.

Computer Science - 19.05.2022

Computer Science - Health - 12.05.2022
Artificial Intelligence for improved diagnoses and helpful robots
With grants of as much as five million euros, Humboldt Professorships are the best-endowed research prize in Germany.

Health - Computer Science - 05.05.2022
Medical appointments with a 3D avatar
An interdisciplinary and pan-university team under the aegis of the Department of Informatics at Universität Hamburg will develop intelligent assistance systems designed to facilitate remote diagnosis.

Mathematics - Computer Science - 03.05.2022

Health - Computer Science - 30.04.2022
Using artificial intelligence to treat heart diseases better
German Heart Centre Munich and TUM Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence collaborate The objective of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) lighthouse project "Digitaler Herz-OP" ("Digital Heart Surgery") is to enable more precise and lower-impact treatment of heart disease.

Computer Science - 26.04.2022

Microtechnics - Computer Science - 06.04.2022
A robot with a gentle touch
A robot with a gentle touch
In order to support people in therapy or in everyday life in the future, machines will have to be capable of feeling and gently touching their human counterparts.

Research Management - Computer Science - 24.03.2022
ATTENTION project to improve road safety
Researchers from the University of Stuttgart and other institutions are collaborating on an applied research project designed to make automated road traffic safer for vulnerable road users.

Environment - Computer Science - 23.03.2022

Physics - Computer Science - 17.03.2022

Computer Science - 22.02.2022

Health - Computer Science - 11.02.2022
Making hospital staff fit to fight cyber-attacks
Making hospital staff fit to fight cyber-attacks
Research team led by the University of Göttingen designs customized training courses Cyber-attacks to hospitals pose an increasing threat to data security and healthcare in German hospitals.

Computer Science - 02.02.2022
The problem becomes the solution: Neural software analyses
Funded by an ERC Starting Grant, Prof. Michael Pradel from the Institute of Software Engineering at the University of Stuttgart is exploring how artificial intelligence can make software more reliable.

Health - Computer Science - 25.01.2022

Computer Science - Innovation - 20.01.2022

Computer Science - Health - 14.01.2022
New algorithm for classification of skin lesions
Dermatologists typically classify skin lesions based on multiple data sources. Algorithms that fuse the information together can support this classification. An international research team has now developed an algorithm that classifies skin lesions more accurately than previous algorithms by using an improved data fusion process.

Computer Science - Chemistry - 12.01.2022
'We must learn to understand chemistry as data science'
’We must learn to understand chemistry as data science’
"Molecular Machine Learning" (MML) is a new branch of research with the potential to change chemical research.

Computer Science - Transport - 10.01.2022

Computer Science - Microtechnics - 22.12.2021
Robots collect underwater litter
Robots collect underwater litter
Removing litter from oceans and seas is a costly and time-consuming process. As part of a European cooperative project, a team at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is developing a robotic system that uses machine learning methods to locate and collect waste under water.

Computer Science - Astronomy / Space Science - 20.12.2021
UAP: SkyCAM Searches the Sky
UAP: SkyCAM Searches the Sky
/2021 A new camera system has gone into test operation at the University of Würzburg. It is designed to detect unidentified aerial phenomena using artificial intelligence methods. Time and again, people see strange luminous phenomena or other phenomena in the sky that they cannot explain. "Most of these observations concern known phenomena or objects such as birds, aircraft, satellites or clouds.

Computer Science - Innovation - 26.11.2021

Computer Science - Mathematics - 25.11.2021

Computer Science - 10.11.2021

Computer Science - 24.10.2021
TUM wins the Indy Autonomous Challenge
TUM wins the Indy Autonomous Challenge
Technical University of Munich's AI-controlled race car makes fastest time in Indianapolis The Indy Autonomous Challenge was held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Saturday - a race completely without drivers.

Computer Science - 12.10.2021

Transport - Computer Science - 08.10.2021

Physics - Computer Science - 28.09.2021

Physics - Computer Science - 24.09.2021
World Premiere for Virtual Laser Lab 'femtoPro'
World Premiere for Virtual Laser Lab ’femtoPro’
09/24/2021 Lasers are ubiquitous. Scientists from Würzburg have now developed the virtual-reality laser laboratory "femtoPro", which simulates optical setups in real time and enables eye-safe training in the handling of short-pulse lasers.

Computer Science - 09.09.2021
New Round of Applications for Fellowships in Research Communication at MIP.labor
Science journalists and other media professionals have until October 15 to apply for a highly attractive fellowship at MIP.labor The research communication think tank for mathematics, computer

Astronomy / Space Science - Computer Science - 26.08.2021

Computer Science - Campus - 10.08.2021

Computer Science - Environment - 22.07.2021

Computer Science - Innovation - 01.07.2021

Computer Science - Economics / Business - 25.06.2021
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