Claudia Eckert joins Council of Cyber Experts

Claudia Eckert is a  for IT security at the TUM and has now been appointed to a

Claudia Eckert is a for IT security at the TUM and has now been appointed to a new Council of Cyber Experts. (Image: A. Eckert / TUM)

The number of hacker attacks in Germany is steadily increasing. In order to equip companies and public institutions with the tools to fend off cyber-attacks, a new committee of scientific experts will be assessing the security situation in Germany in the future - and provide guidance when it comes to issues of IT security. Prof Claudia Eckert, head of the chair of IT security at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), is one of the six initial memebers of the Council of Cyber Experts.

Most Germans have heard of the "Wirtschaftsweisen", the German Council of Economic Experts, at one point or another: As expert assessors, five economists evaluate Germany’s economic development every year. Following this prominent example, a cyber-security cluster in Bonn has established a committee comprised of experts in IT security, the so-called "Cyberweisen". This Council of Cyber Experts intends to publish an annual report which expounds on the state of IT security in Germany. By doing so, the experts aim to provide a framework of orientation for the economic sector and policymakers. Furthermore, the researchers also wish to react to current issues in the field of IT security.

As one of the initial six experts, Prof Claudia Eckert was accepted to the Council of Cyber Experts. She emphasizes that the committee will work independently of any company. Furthermore, she sees it as being the duty of the expert committee to ensure that important topics are on the political agenda - at the European level as well. "Large companies are already well-equipped today when it comes to cyber-security", says Claudia Eckert. "But the situation is quite a different one when it comes to smalland medium-sized companies. For example, mechanical engineering is now heavily focused on connections via the internet - and these companies are well-aware of the fact that they need to equip themselves for this challenge. However, many medium-sized enterprises do not know how to do so."

Prof Claudia Eckert

Claudia Eckert is a professor for IT security at the TUM and the head of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied and Integrated Security (AISEC). Her research focusses on the development of technologies for increasing system and application security, the security of embedded systems, and on researching new techniques for increasing the resilience and robustness of systems against attacks. She is a member of various national and international industrial advisory boards and scientific committees, and advises companies, economic associations, and public institutions on issues related to IT security.

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