Children’s University Lectures 2022 featuring Six Exciting Lectures

Photo: Universität Hamburg / Frank von Wieding The Children’s University LPhoto: Universität Hamburg / Frank von Wieding The Children’s University Lectures start on 1 November 2022 in digital form, with live events starting the Audimax from 7 November.

Covering a huge range of topics and finally back, live and in person! The Children’s University Lectures are back, and after a 2 year hiatus because of corona, we are going back to the Audimax for 4 of the 6 lectures. The series kicks off online on 1 November with 2 video lectures, then the live series follows weekly starting at 5 pm on 7 November, with lectures on the 7, 14, 21, and 28 November. The series are all aimed at children aged between 8 and 12 years old.

Working with their partner organizations, Universität Hamburg is once again offering an exciting and varied range of topics in the Children’s University Lectures.

The series starts with Dr. Emauel Tschopp and Dr. Martin Husemann on the 1 November 2022. By video, paleontology and dinosaur expert Schopp explains how 4 long-necked dinosaur skeletons from Wyoming (USA) came to Universität Hamburg, how research is being conducted on them, and why they are all called Susi. Insect researchers Husemann also takes the children on a journey through the world of insects, using Hamburg as an example, to show the variety of species and also the dangers they face.

In the first live lecture on 7 November 2022, the children will be welcomed to the University’s biggest auditorium by Dr. Christian Spreckels. A researcher of human movement, he will talk to the children about the role of feelings and mental states for success in sport. He does this by using insights into the fascinating world behind the scenes of professional soccer.

An overview of topics and times:

1 November: Four dinosaurs called Susi (video lecture)

  • Dr. Emanuel Tschopp, paleontologist
  • 1 November: Das große Kabbeln - Wie geht es Käfer, Ameise und Biene? (The big scramble-how are our beetles, ants, and bees doing?) (video lecture)

  • Dr. Martin Husemann, insect researcher
  • 7 November: Werden Fußballspiele im Kopf entschieden? (Are football games won or lost in your head?) (Audimax)

  • Dr. Christian Spreckels, human movement scientist
  • 14 November: Warum ein kleiner Piks gegen ansteckende Krankheiten hilft (Why a little pinprick can help against infectious disease) (Audimax)

  • Marylyn Addo, infectious disease researcher
  • 21 November: Wem gehört Karl der Große? (Who owns Charlemagne?) (Audimax)

  • Philippe Depreux, historian
  • 28 November: Unsere Atmosphäre: Schutzhülle, Klimaanlage und Wasserautobahn (Our atmosphere: protective layers, air conditioning, and water highways) (Audimax)
  • Dr. Hartmut Borth, meteorologist
  • The lectures are predominantly aimed at children between the ages of 8 and 12, and are free.

    The video lectures will remain online after the Children’s University Lectures 2022 are over, and are available from the release date from

    The live lectures start at 5 pm and last for approximately 45 minutes, in the Audimax at Universität Hamburg (Von-Melle-Park 4, 20146 Hamburg). The current coronavirus conditions for the City of Hamburg apply to all indoor events. You do not have to register in advance, registration is recommended for large groups and school classes.

    The Children’s University Lectures is a joint initiative by the Universität Hamburg, the Reinhard Frank Stiftung, the ETV Kinderund Jugendförderung and the children’s science magazine GEOlino.

    Researchers and the organization team are available for interviews. Interested? Contact Katharina Petersen from Marketing and Communication: katharina.petersen "AT"

    All information in the Children’s University Lectures and this year’s events available at