Awarding of the 2023 Gender Studies Prize and Maria von Linden Gender Equality Prize

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The University of Bonn Gender Equality Office has awarded the Gender Studies Pri
The University of Bonn Gender Equality Office has awarded the Gender Studies Prize 2023 and the Maria von Linden Gender Equality Prize 2023. - Gabriele Alonso Rodriguez, University Gender Equality Commissioner, congratulates Sascha Sistenich, who is committed to gender equality in the Department of Social Anthropology, among other things. © Universität Bonn all’images in original size .
The winners of the 2023 Gender Studies Prize and Maria von Linden Gender Equality Prize were honored at a ceremony last Friday. The University of Bonn Gender Equality Office presents these awards recognizing outstanding theses and dissertations in the fields of gender studies and queer studies and exemplary commitment in the area of gender equality.

The University of Bonn Gender Equality Office has awarded the Gender Studies Prize annually since 2003 for outstanding thesis papers on gender studies topics, with the aim of heightening the profile of gender research at the University of Bonn. Gender Studies Prize Coordinator Felicitas Frigge: "In today’s increasingly anti-feminist climate it is important to take our gender studies research findings and really put them out there so they are visible to society."

Distinguished gender studies thesis papers

The members of the judges panel for the 2023 prize were: Professor Marion Gymnich (Department of English, American, and Celtic Studies), Professor Nadine Marquardt (Department of Geography) and Professor Andreas Krebs (Department of Old Catholic Studies). The thesis papers chosen by the judges panel were:

o Bachelor’s thesis by Marie Wurscher, Latin American and Ancient American Studies: "Kollektive Selbstorganisation als Strategie des Empowerments zur Aneignung von Wissen und Raum - Eine Untersuchung an der Schnittstelle zwischen Wissenschaft und Aktivismus am Beispiel eines feministischen Kollektivs" ("Collective Self-Organization as a Strategy of Empowerment for the Acquisition of Knowledge and Space: An Investigation of Where Scholarship and Activism Meet through a Case Study of a Feminist Collective")
o Master’s thesis by Leah Petersen, Geography: ",There is no place like home’ - Die Dynamik zwischen der Geschlechtsidentität junger, nicht-binärer Personen & ihrem Wohnumfeld im Elternhaus" ("’There’s No Place Like Home’: Gender Identity Dynamics for Non-Binary Young People Living with Their Parents")
o Master’s thesis by Bianca Griech, Latin American Cultural Studies: "Tanz als dekonstruktive Körperpraxis. Selbstverständnis und leibliche Erfahrungen von queeren Tangotänzer:innen in Buenos Aires" ("Dance as Deconstructive Body Praxis: The Self-Understanding and Body Experiences of Queer Tango Dancers in Buenos Aires")

A broad spectrum of gender research was again represented this year, as sixteen thesis papers in eleven different fields were submitted to compete for the award.

Recognizing outstanding commitment to gender equality

The Maria von Linden Prize was simultaneously awarded in recognition of outstanding work relevant to gender equality at the University of Bonn. The prize is named after Maria Gräfin von Linden (1869-1936), who was the first German woman to be conferred the title of "Scientiae Naturalis Doctor" for her doctoral thesis in 1895 and was the University of Bonn’s first honorary professor.

Sascha Sistenich (Cultural Anthropology) was recognized for the great individual dedication he has displayed to the cause of gender equality in the Ethnology teaching unit, particularly in promoting queer course content and organizing lecture series like "Gender Dialogues: Ethnologisch-kulturanthropologische Gespräche zu Geschlecht" ("Gender Dialogues: Talks on Gender from an Ethnological Cultural Anthropology Standpoint"). The Gender Group at the Center for Development Research (ZEF) was honored in the Group category for its outstanding work promoting gender-sensitive approaches and methods in sustainable development research.

"The Gender Studies Prize and the Maria von Linden Prize are awarded to recognize the tireless work being done at the University of Bonn for the cause of gender equality," says University Gender Equality Commissioner Gabriele Alonso Rodríguez, "by individuals whose outstanding scholarly contributions advance gender research and individuals who demonstrate exceptional commitment to equality issues on the local level."

For more information about the awards visit the website of the Gender Equality Office: