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Religions - Philosophy - 12.06.2019

Linguistics / Literature - Philosophy - 25.05.2018

Health - Philosophy - 31.07.2017

Philosophy - Business / Economics - 23.06.2017
‘Programmers should not decide who lives and who dies'
‘Programmers should not decide who lives and who dies’
Research news What and how will tomorrow's self-driving cars be allowed to decide for themselves' Tasked by the German government, an ethics commission has now drawn up guidelines to regulate these questions.

Philosophy - Career - 12.06.2017

Philosophy - Event - 01.12.2016

Philosophy - 01.12.2016

Business / Economics - Philosophy - 18.10.2016
Nobel laureate speaks at TUM
Nobel laureate speaks at TUM
Termin American economist Vernon L. Smith will be speaking at TUM about "Adam Smith on Conduct and Rules: Trust Games; Emergence of Property ".

History / Archeology - Philosophy - 19.10.2015
Soulmate and Astral Body
Workshop and Light Installations on the Relationship between Body and Soul, October 23 and 24, Topoi House Dahlem The relationship between a soul understood to be immaterial and immortal and the phys

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