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Innovation - Economics / Business - 13.04.2021
Lebenswissenschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse schnell in Anwendungen überführen
Heidelberg University is part of a "translationational bridge", the first Evotec-BRIDGE in Germany A new "translations bridge" in the Rhine-Main-Neckar region will validate the results of life science research to fast-track the development of therapeutic drugs and related technologies.

Economics / Business - 26.03.2021
Artificial intelligence as a co-driver
Artificial intelligence as a co-driver
Researchers at the University of Göttingen demonstrate advantages of human-machine teams for truck transportation The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more common in many branches of industry and online retailing.

Computer Science - Economics / Business - 24.03.2021

Innovation - Economics / Business - 11.03.2021

Economics / Business - 11.03.2021
Standing out from the crowd
Standing out from the crowd
Research team from Göttingen and Groningen Universities shows importance of investors on uniqueness of company strategies Corporate strategies should be as unique as possible, in fact highly specific to each individual company.

Environment - Economics / Business - 04.03.2021
"Efficiency is an important element in the energy transition": Energy Efficiency Day
March 5 is the annual Energy Efficiency Day - reason enough for Kathrin Nolte to talk to Prof. Andreas Löschel about meaningful instruments relating to energy and climate issues.

Economics / Business - Environment - 26.01.2021

Economics / Business - 25.01.2021

Innovation - Economics / Business - 19.01.2021

Economics / Business - Research Management - 11.12.2020

Innovation - Economics / Business - 08.12.2020

Economics / Business - 05.12.2020

Computer Science - Economics / Business - 02.12.2020

Economics / Business - Innovation - 27.11.2020

Health - Economics / Business - 23.11.2020
Simulations Strengthen Greater Protection for High-Risk Groups
Simulations Strengthen Greater Protection for High-Risk Groups
The research team simulated various lock-down scenarios intended to protect public health and the economy Simulations Strengthen Greater Protection for High-Risk Groups ly population facilitates a lar

Economics / Business - 03.11.2020
Strengthening spatial orientation
Strengthening spatial orientation
Over the past few years, Marcelo de Lima Galvao and Angela Schwering examined the navigational abilities of more than 1,000 test persons in the driving simulator.

Innovation - Economics / Business - 21.10.2020

Innovation - Economics / Business - 15.10.2020

Economics / Business - Career - 14.10.2020

Economics / Business - Research Management - 07.09.2020

Innovation - Economics / Business - 02.09.2020

Economics / Business - 19.08.2020

Sport - Economics / Business - 18.08.2020

Politics - Economics / Business - 12.08.2020
Food for the waste bin
Food for the waste bin
Everyone in Germany wastes around 75 kilos of food every year, according to the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL).

Economics / Business - Environment - 27.07.2020

Innovation - Economics / Business - 15.07.2020

Economics / Business - Career - 14.07.2020

Environment - Economics / Business - 14.07.2020
Shaping Europe’s digital sovereignty
High-caliber project group proposes "European Public Sphere" Shaping Europe's digital sovereignty A digital ecosystem committed to European values, relying on democratic control and facilitating digit

Environment - Economics / Business - 14.07.2020
Ambitious Climate Action Pays Off
Action to mitigate climate change costs money - but damage caused by climate change also entails financial burdens, particularly for future generations. So how much action to mitigate climate change makes economic sense? To find out, an international team of researchers led by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research has fed an earlier computer simulation with current data and findings from climate science and economics.

Agronomy / Food Science - Economics / Business - 13.07.2020

Health - Economics / Business - 25.06.2020
From suspicion to trust: How people judge the current COVID-19 situation
From suspicion to trust: How people judge the current COVID-19 situation
How much do people trust the new normal? A representative study headed by the Hamburg Center for Health Economics (HCHE) at Universität Hamburg shows that only 44.4% of those surveyed in Europe condone the speed with which coronavirus-related restrictions were lifted.

Economics / Business - Computer Science - 22.06.2020

Environment - Economics / Business - 08.06.2020
Coffee production needs clear rules
Coffee production needs clear rules
Coffee - Germany's most popular drink - is grown by around 20 million small-scale farmers worldwide, who often live below the poverty line.

Economics / Business - Innovation - 03.06.2020

Innovation - Economics / Business - 02.06.2020

Economics / Business - 29.05.2020
TUM + FAU: Bavaria combines forces in hydrogen research
State government presents Bavarian hydrogen strategy The Bavarian government officially presented its hydrogen strategy in Nuremberg on Friday.

Economics / Business - 26.05.2020
Executive contracts with clawback provisions - a trend with downsides
Researchers at the University of Göttingen see risk to corporate development The financial crisis has caused discussions on the appropriateness of executive compensation.

Economics / Business - 14.05.2020
Increase in Open Access Publications by Researchers at Universities in Berlin
Open Access Proportion in 2018 was 41.5 percent, three percentage points higher than in 2017 No 079/2020 from May 14, 2020 The proportion of freely accessible journal articles published by researchers in Berlin increased again.

Economics / Business - 12.04.2020
Making autonomous driving comfortable
Making autonomous driving comfortable
Reading or even sleeping while driving a car but still being ready to take over behind the wheel in an emergency - once highly automated vehicles first appear on the road, the opportunities and requirements for drivers and passengers will change.

Economics / Business - 11.04.2020
ARENA2036 becomes the first university research building in Baden-Württemberg with a 5G campus network
ARENA2036 becomes the first university research building in Baden-Württemberg with a 5G campus network
As part of a cooperation project with Nokia and Fraunhofer IPA, the University of Stuttgart and its research campus ARENA2036 are setting new quality standards for research infrastructure with the 5G wireless standard.
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