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Event - Civil Engineering - 09.07.2018

Civil Engineering - Economics / Business - 15.02.2018
"I see it as my duty to continue providing high-quality urban design"
Campus news Munich is experiencing an acute housing shortage.

Civil Engineering - Environment - 07.02.2018
Wind data for urban planning
Wind data for urban planning
Extreme gusts of wind of more than 40 km per hour are common on Hamburg's footpaths. Measurements undertaken by Professor Felix Ament and Dr. Sarah Wiesner from the Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability (CEN) at Universität Hamburg demonstrate this.

Architecture - Civil Engineering - 10.10.2017

Mechanical Engineering - Civil Engineering - 21.08.2017
ACar - The electric
ACar - The electric "all-rounder"
Research news An electric car for Africa, custom-designed for the needs of the population there, that strengthens rural structures and helps drive the economy: Scientists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and partners have been working intensively towards this goal for four years.

Civil Engineering - Economics / Business - 16.02.2017
What cities want: exploring future strategies for urban mobility
What cities want: exploring future strategies for urban mobility
Research news Munich, Singapore, Boston: three very different cities on three different continents with their own distinctive ‘urban identities.

Administration - Civil Engineering - 30.08.2016

Civil Engineering - Health - 04.08.2016
Out of the Lecture Hall, into the Olympic Stadium
Out of the Lecture Hall, into the Olympic Stadium
Campus news They are studying medical technology, civil engineering and management. But they also do sports - and are so successful they'll be participating in the Olympic Games opening in Rio de Janeiro tomorrow.

Social Sciences - Civil Engineering - 12.02.2016
Interactive Online Documentary: Ageing in urban Asia
Heidelberg researchers present website with short films and texts - research project of the Cluster of Excellence ‘Asia and Europe in a Global Context' What is life like for older people in Asian cities and what changes do they observe in their environment?

Civil Engineering - Economics / Business - 27.01.2016
Seamless union between metals and plastics
Seamless union between metals and plastics
The lighter the better. That is the golden rule, at least in the automobile, aircraft and aerospace industries.

Civil Engineering - Mechanical Engineering - 07.10.2015
Typical bicycle rider
Suddenly he moves from the street onto the sidewalk, sidling through the traffic, right to the front, and is one of the nimblest of road users: the cyclist.

Mechanical Engineering - Civil Engineering - 07.10.2015
Smart vehicles in the urban traffic of the future
Head-up display on the windshield, connected simulations, tactical behavior of bicyclists and phased traffic lights for trucks: These are among the technologies being presented by the Technical Unive

Computer Science - Civil Engineering - 07.10.2015
Dynamically phased traffic signals for trucks
Dynamically phased traffic signals for trucks
Fully-loaded trucks take longer than cars to accelerate after a stop. This impedes the flow of traffic and leads to more pollutant emissions and noise.

Civil Engineering - 07.10.2015
What's my car trying to tell me?
What’s my car trying to tell me?
The sat nav announces the next turn-off, a road sign indicates a slow zone - and suddenly an ambulance pulls up alongside.

Civil Engineering - Architecture - 28.10.2009
Test lab for cities of tomorrow in Singapore
28.10.2009 / Zurich - ETH Zürich . ETH Zurich is stepping up its commitment in Asia: from mid-2010, a novel platform for urban development is to be established in Singapore in the form of the "Future Cities Laboratory".

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