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Innovation - Career - 01.10.2019
"We are creating a global marketplace of knowledge"
Reading time: 1 MIN Prof. F. Thomas Hofmann has been active as President of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) since October 1, 2019.

Career - Administration - 04.09.2019
"Cells in Motion" enters a new phase
University of Münster consolidates the interdisciplinary research concept of the Cells in Motion Cluster of Excellence / newly created structures reinforce the core research area of "cell dynamics an

Administration - Career - 19.07.2019

Career - Business / Economics - 26.06.2019

Administration - Career - 26.06.2019

Career - Administration - 18.06.2019
"Europe has an important academic heritage."
Today, 18 June, and tomorrow, 19 June, the University of Münster will host the annual Federal Conference of the "EU Cooperation Centre for Science Organisations" (KoWi).

Business / Economics - Career - 11.06.2019

Business / Economics - Career - 05.06.2019

Career - 11.04.2019

Life Sciences - Career - 01.04.2019

Career - 01.04.2019
Successful German-Russian Project Set to Continue
German Federal Ministry of Education and Research grants another five years of funding to the shared research facility at Berlin's electron storage ring for synchrotron radiation No 078/2019 from Apr

Physics - Career - 29.03.2019
"No guarantee, but a good step on the way to a professorship"
Leading a team of their own helps young researchers to become independent at an early stage.

Chemistry - Career - 18.02.2019
"Our trainees should use the opportunities they are given here"
In addition to providing facilities for studies and research, the University of Münster offers apprenticeships and vocational training in 19 different occupations - from gardener to IT systems technician.

Career - 31.01.2019

Career - Administration - 30.01.2019

Career - 30.01.2019
"Promoting junior researchers": Vice-Rector Prof. Maike Tietjens on the Press Office’s new special feature
No modern, successful university today can avoid having a critical discussion on how to successfully promote junior researchers.

Health - Career - 05.12.2018
The immune system under the microscope
The immune system under the microscope
Wolfgang Kastenmüller studies the development of special immune cells that show promise in treating cancer.

Career - 25.10.2018

Career - History / Archeology - 24.10.2018

Life Sciences - Career - 10.08.2018
European success for "MaxPlanck@TUM"
Three researchers from the "MaxPlanck@TUM" program will receive funding from the European Research Council (ERC).

Business / Economics - Career - 07.08.2018

Career - Computer Science / Telecom - 02.08.2018
EU funding for young engineering researchers
EU funding for young engineering researchers
The Technical University of Munich (TUM) receives special recognition for excellent research in the engineering sciences: The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded future funding to three proje

Career - 30.07.2018

Life Sciences - Career - 27.07.2018
Two Substantial Grants from the European Research Council
No 204/2018 from Jul 27, 2018 The behavioral biologist PD Dr. Mirjam Knörnschild and the neuroscientist Dr. Radoslav Cichy from Freie Universität Berlin have each won a Starting Grant from the European Research Council (ERC).

Career - Mathematics - 20.07.2018

Art and Design - Career - 13.07.2018

Career - Computer Science / Telecom - 20.06.2018

Career - Event - 18.06.2018

Health - Career - 25.04.2018

Social Sciences - Career - 27.03.2018
New DFG center for advanced study in the humanities and social sciences for Universität Hamburg
New DFG center for advanced study in the humanities and social sciences for Universität Hamburg
Gravitational force, life force, work force, buying force, creative force, the force of art-our concepts of force are not restricted to the natural sciences, but are also central to a number of cultural spheres, not least aesthetics.

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