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Physics - Materials Science - 19.06.2019

Innovation / Technology - 18.06.2019

Career - Administration - 18.06.2019
"Europe has an important academic heritage."
Today, 18 June, and tomorrow, 19 June, the University of Münster will host the annual Federal Conference of the "EU Cooperation Centre for Science Organisations" (KoWi).

Environment - Administration - 18.06.2019

Environment - Earth Sciences - 17.06.2019
Climate Change in West Africa
Climate Change in West Africa
06/17/2019 A research centre in West Africa examines strategies to address the climate change. Its German partner is the University of Würzburg; the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding the initiative with 3.7 million euros.

History / Archeology - 17.06.2019

Event - 17.06.2019

Art and Design - 14.06.2019

Life Sciences - 13.06.2019
Cell communication in the
Cell communication in the "fear network"
Guest contribution by Dr. Lena Goedecke, biologist in the research group of Prof. Hans-Christian Pape at the Cells-in-Motion Cluster of Excellence It is the day of my PhD defense.

Law / Forensics - 12.06.2019

Religions - Philosophy - 12.06.2019

Business / Economics - Career - 11.06.2019

Computer Science / Telecom - 11.06.2019

Life Sciences - Chemistry - 11.06.2019

Innovation / Technology - 07.06.2019

Environment - 07.06.2019

Business / Economics - Career - 05.06.2019

Physics - Innovation / Technology - 04.06.2019
Cooling for quantum electronics
Cooling for quantum electronics
The start-up kiutra is the first company in the world to have succeeded in developing a permanent magnetic cooling system to reach temperatures close to absolute zero.

Academic Rankings - 04.06.2019

Astronomy / Space Science - Innovation / Technology - 31.05.2019
Flashes on the Moon
Flashes on the Moon
05/31/2019 On the moon flashes and other enigmatic light phenomena can be observed again and again. With a new telescope, a professor at the University of Würzburg wants to get to the bottom of these phenomena.

History / Archeology - 26.05.2019
Admitted to Academy for Junior Researchers
Global history specialist Valeska Huber from Freie Universität admitted to Junge Akademie No 150/2019 from May 26, 2019 On Saturday the historian Dr. Valeska Huber at Freie Universität Berlin was appointed a member of Die Junge Akademie , the German academy for outstanding young scholars.

Administration - Social Sciences - 24.05.2019
New Collaborative Research Centre at Münster University
New Collaborative Research Centre at Münster University
A great success for the University of Münster: the German Research Foundation (DFG) will fund for a new Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) at the University with nine million euros.

Law / Forensics - 24.05.2019

Chemistry - Administration - 22.05.2019

History / Archeology - 22.05.2019

Life Sciences - Health - 22.05.2019
Systems Biology of Antibiotics
Systems Biology of Antibiotics
05/22/2019 Bacteria can quickly become resistant to antibiotics. Which mechanisms are responsible for this and how to counteract it? Dr. Ana Rita Brochado, who is setting up a new Emmy Noether Junior Research Group at the University of Würzburg, is investigating this. Bacteria have fascinating properties.

History / Archeology - Academic Rankings - 21.05.2019

Event - 16.05.2019

Health - Life Sciences - 16.05.2019
"Body & Brain" under one roof
The name speaks for itself: what the experts at the planned "Body & Brain Institute Münster" (BBIM) want to do is to investigate diseases and their origins from the point of view of the interaction between the brain and the body.

Linguistics / Literature - 13.05.2019

Chemistry - Health - 10.05.2019
Biofabrication: New Research Center
Biofabrication: New Research Center
The University of Würzburg plans to build a "Center of Polymers for Life". Rating the new project as excellent, the German Council of Science and Humanities has recommended its implementation.

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