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Social Sciences

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Social Sciences - History / Archeology - 07.01.2022
Tracing the origins of human remains from colonial contexts
Tracing the origins of human remains from colonial contexts
University of Jena working group on colonialism with new personal and further publication on legacy of colonialism Proforma invoice from the Umlauff company dated 14.1.1908 to Ernst Haeckel. His selection can be traced via the two blue coats of paint on the right-hand edge of the invoice. Image: Archiv/Ernst-Haeckel-Haus A scalp from Namibia and skulls from Tanzania and Papua New Guinea: these are examples of human remains from University of Jena collections that found their way to Germany during the colonial period.

Social Sciences - 20.12.2021
How populists’ election results lead to far-right demonstrations
In liberal-leaning municipalities, there is an increased probability of far-right demonstrations in the wake of unexpectedly strong election results by right-wing populists. This is one of the insights from an investigation based on electoral results of the AfD party in Germany. The study reveals a surprise effect on the part of people who previously believed that their attitudes were less socially acceptable.

Social Sciences - Health - 11.11.2021
COVID-19 leads to a decrease in prosocial behaviour among disadvantaged adolescents
If a family member falls ill with COVID-19, this has a particularly negative effect on young people from an economically disadvantaged and less educated background. These adolescents not only fall behind in school, their non-cognitive abilities also suffer: they are less prosocial than before. This means that they behave less generously, altruistically, and cooperatively.

Social Sciences - Health - 30.06.2021
Modernization makes older adults feel rushed, too
New international study on time perception among older adults Rapid societal changes can leave us feeling more rushed and pressured for time - and older adults are no exception, new research finds, led by Weill Cornell Medicine with participation of researchers of Humboldt University.

Agronomy / Food Science - Social Sciences - 14.05.2021
New Study Indicates Significant Increase in Food and Nutrition Insecurity in Brazil
Researchers from Freie Universität Berlin are investigating the pressing issue of food inequalities No 089/2021 from May 14, 2021 According to a study conducted by researchers at Freie Universität Berlin in cooperation with Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais and Universidade de Brasília, as many as six out of ten households in Brazil are currently at risk of food and nutrition insecurity.

Social Sciences - 23.03.2021
Bilingual babies prefer
Bilingual babies prefer "baby talk" in their native languages
International research team including Göttingen University investigates babies- preference for type of speech and language A unique study of hundreds of babies across four continents shows that all babies respond more to infant-directed speech - baby talk - than they do to the type of speech directed at an adult.

Earth Sciences - Social Sciences - 17.02.2021
Global Mapping Projects aid Humanitarian Organisations
Global Mapping Projects aid Humanitarian Organisations
In recent years, free digital world maps like OpenStreetMap (OSM) have become a vital instrument to support humanitarian missions over the entire world. In disaster management as well as the implementation of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), geodata compiled by the volunteer mapper community open up new possibilities to coordinate aid interventions and carry out sustainability projects.

Environment - Social Sciences - 16.12.2020
Gender equality crucial to address climate change
A new study published today highlights the importance of overcoming gender inequality for climate change adaptation and explores future pathways of gender equality for sustainable development Vulnerability to the impacts of climate change differs on a wide range of factors including socio-economic status, education, ethnicity and gender.

Social Sciences - 25.11.2020
The smell of cooperation
Research team with the University of Göttingen finds effect of odour on helpfulness in rats Despite their reputation, rats are surprisingly sociable and actually regularly help each other out with tasks. Researchers at the Universities of Göttingen, Bern and St Andrews have now shown that a rat just has to smell the scent of another rat that is engaged in helpful behaviour to increase his or her own helpfulness.

Social Sciences - Environment - 19.10.2020
High social and ecological standards for chocolate
Research team including agroecologists from Göttingen University study conditions in Peruvian cocoa agroforestry systems Worldwide demand for food from the tropics that meets higher environmental and social standards has risen sharply in recent years. Consumers often have to make ethically questionable decisions: products may be available to the global market through child labour, starvation wages or environmental destruction.

Social Sciences - Law - 28.09.2020
Understanding What Holds Societies Together
Berlin University Alliance funds six groundbreaking projects in the Social Cohesion funding line of its Grand Challenge Initiatives No 170/2020 from Sep 28, 2020 Social cohesion is a global challenge. Understanding social transformations is a key to successful coexistence in a complex, heterogeneous world.

Social Sciences - 04.09.2020
Five years later: the Balkan route of 2015 was an exception
Research report led by Göttingen University reconstructs the Balkan route based on the experience of 500 refugees The research report -Border Experiences and Practices of Refugees - by the EU project -Multi-level Governance of Mass Migration in Europe and beyond ( RESPOND) - provides a unique documentation of the experiences of refugee-migrants with the borders of Europe.

Linguistics / Literature - Social Sciences - 25.08.2020
Advantage in Theater for Men with Migration Background and Transgender People
Researchers at Freie Universität Berlin investigated structures of discrimination and privileges in the theater No 144/2020 from Aug 25, 2020 A study by researchers at Freie Universität has surprisingly shown that men with a migration background and people with a nonbinary gender identity experience a slight advantage over other male applicants in the field of theater.

Psychology - Social Sciences - 15.06.2020
The psychology behind toilet paper hoarding
The psychology behind toilet paper hoarding
Following the rapid spread of COVID-19 in Europe and North America in March 2020, many people around the world began hoarding goods such as toilet paper. Some companies reported an increase in toilet paper sales of up to 700 percent, despite calls from governments to refrain from "panic buying". Which groups of people primarily hoarded all the toilet paper? Psychologists from the universities of St. Gallen and Münster and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig investigated this question.

Social Sciences - Environment - 11.06.2020
Protecting scientific diversity
Protecting scientific diversity
International researchers demand the active protection and support of diversity, equity and inclusion in science In the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists are facing great challenges because they have to reorient, interrupt or even cancel research and teaching.

Computer Science - Social Sciences - 28.04.2020
The university of Stuttgart will be the first European location in the IBM AI Horizons Network
The university of Stuttgart will be the first European location in the IBM AI Horizons Network
The University of Stuttgart will be the first European institution to join the AI Horizons Network of IBM in order to advance AI research on the interaction of language and knowledge as part of a multi-year cooperation. The AI Horizons Network is a global network of researchers and doctoral students founded by IBM to further develop the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and related technologies in a series of research projects and experiments.

Social Sciences - 14.10.2019
Integration of refugees: Germans in east and west show similar willingness to help
Integration of refugees: Germans in east and west show similar willingness to help
In discussions in Germany on immigrants, particularly eastern Germany is often associated with attacks on foreigners and hate crimes against refugees. Research data and surveys also indicate that prejudices against immigrants are often stronger in the east of the country than in the western half. But are these differences also reflected in small acts of everyday help? This question was looked at in detail by researchers at the University of Münster, the University of Bielefeld and the University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration and management of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Social Sciences - 14.10.2019
How Does Interracial Contact in Childhood Impact Adult Interracial Relationships?
Findings by Researchers at the University of Antwerp, the Paris School of Economics, and Freie Universität Berlin No 299/2019 from Oct 14, 2019 According to a recent study, interracial contact in childhood leads to more diverse social relationships in adulthood. In particular, racial composition in schools impacts romantic relationships later in life.

Social Sciences - 25.09.2019
Fourth DFG center for advanced study in the humanities and social sciences for Universität Hamburg
Fourth DFG center for advanced study in the humanities and social sciences for Universität Hamburg
Romanization and Islamication in Late Antiquity Fourth DFG center for advanced study in the humanities and social sciences for Universität Hamburg The German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) has authorized funding for a new DFG center for advanced study in the humanities and social sciences at Universität Hamburg: Romanization and Islamication in Late Antiquity-Transcultural Processes on the Iberian Peninsula and in North Africa.

Social Sciences - 24.09.2019
As of age 8, children demonstrate influence of social norms when choosing between selfishness and generosity
Prospective Students Students and Doctorate Alumni and Supporters Continuing Education Findings of international study including Freie Universität published in "Nature Human Behaviour" No 277/2019 from Sep 24, 2019 According to a recent study, children at the age of eight are influenced by social norms when choosing between selfishness and generosity.