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Campus - Religions - 11.05.2023
New Study Option Combines Theology and Social Work
New Study Option Combines Theology and Social Work
University of Bonn and katho to introduce mutual recognition of study achievements The Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Bonn and the Catholic University of Applied Sciences of North Rhine-Westphalia (katho) are to offer their students a new study option. In the future, students on the Magister Theologiae degree program at the University of Bonn will be able to combine it with a bachelor's in Social Work at katho, ideally on its Cologne campus, making it easier for them to obtain two degrees at the same time.

History / Archeology - Campus - 21.12.2022
Gender equality is good for economic growth
Over 500 years, the economy developed better in parts of Europe where women married in their 20s instead of their teens, according to a study by economic historians Alexandra de Pleijt from Wa-geningen University in the Netherlands and Jörg Baten from the University of. Their study has been published in the journal World Development .

Campus - 12.10.2022
New Study on Affirmative Action Policies for Leadership Positions
The German population expresses support for recruitment practices that favor women and people from non-academic households The debate surrounding affirmative action policies to counteract inequality against underrepresented groups continues to raise questions about the use of quotas when it comes to hiring people to leadership positions or public offices.

Mathematics - Campus - 04.05.2022
Algorithm predicts which students will drop out of Math courses
In the subjects of science and technology, engineering and mathematics - known collectively as STEM subjects - up to 40 percent of students drop out of their studies in the entry phase. A research team from the University of Tübingen's Methods Center at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences has now developed a statistical method that can be used to predict on average eight weeks in advance whether students will terminate their studies.

Physics - Campus - 11.09.2020
Scoring with quantum technologies and droplet dynamics
Scoring with quantum technologies and droplet dynamics
The overarching goal of the new Research Training Group "Towards Graduate Experts in Photonic Quantum Technologies" at the University of Stuttgart, which the German Research Foundation (DFG) approved for funding at its meeting on 6 November 2020, is to utilize the great potential of quantum physics for marketable applications.

Astronomy / Space Science - Campus - 28.04.2020
Black holes have no hair
Black holes have no hair
International research team verifies the validity of the "No Hair" theorem by actual observations Light With the help of NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, an international team of researchers has confirmed that the cosmic object OJ 287 is a distant galaxy with a binary system of two supermassive black holes in its centre, which are orbiting each other.

Campus - Social Sciences - 12.03.2019
The nearer the friends, the stronger the regional identity
The nearer the friends, the stronger the regional identity
Psychologists study the effects of mobility on young adults A new job, an academic career or a romantic relationship - there are many reasons for young people to move. But this does not necessarily lead to happiness. Satisfaction increases when people can identify with the region in which they live.