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Computer Science - Innovation - 12.07.2024
AI in Lie Detection: Social Harmony at Risk?
Artificial intelligence can detect lies much better than humans. This also has an impact on social interaction, as a recently published study shows. Humans are bad at recognizing lies. As studies consistently demonstrate, their judgments are barely better than chance. This inability could be one of the reasons why most people refrain from accusing others of dishonesty.

Innovation - 24.05.2024
A New Understanding of Transformation Research
  Researchers from RWTH have written a new book that provides actionable insights for practical application. The global environmental crisis, technological developments, the COVID-19 pandemic and advancing economic and political globalization are just some of the developments that have strongly increased the pressure on regions, companies, and society as a whole to transform and innovate.

Politics - Innovation - 23.05.2024
Guidelines for the use of AI in science
Guidelines for the use of AI in science
Task force aims to ensure trust in research Artificial intelligence (AI) generates texts, videos and images that can hardly be distinguished from those of humans - with the result that we often no longer know what is real. Also researchers are increasingly being supported by AI. An international task force has now developed principles for the use of AI in research to ensure trust in science.

Physics - Innovation - 16.05.2024
Method Milestone for Quantum Physics
Method Milestone for Quantum Physics
Rapid Test for Topological 2D Materials: Researchers from the Würzburg-Dresden Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat have developed a method with which two-dimensional topological materials can be detected more easily and quickly. Topological quantum materials are hailed as a cornerstone of future technological advancements.

Health - Innovation - 15.05.2024
New Group Training Tool for the Prevention of Dementia
The system is already in use in retirement homes. Researchers from Bochum have tested how effective it is in a scientific study. Solving a quiz as a group while moving around the room at the same time - this combination is the basis of a new tool designed to prevent dementia. Researchers developed and evaluated it in the "go4cognition" project with industry partners and brought it to market maturity.

Environment - Innovation - 11.04.2024
Hybrid Intelligence Can Reconcile Biodiversity & Agriculture
Pioneering approach to conflicting goals Hybrid Intelligence Can Reconcile Biodiversity & Agriculture Preserving biodiversity without reducing agricultural productivity: So far, these two goals could not be reconciled because the socio-ecological system of agriculture is highly complex, and the interactions between humans and the environment are difficult to capture using conventional methods.

Health - Innovation - 15.02.2024
Digitalisation in the healthcare system
Research team at the University of Göttingen aims to overcome digital barriers in the healthcare sector Digitalisation offers enormous opportunities within the healthcare sector: The evaluation of radiological image files using artificial intelligence can reduce the workload of radiologists, while the electronic maternity pass can improve the care of mothers-to-be.

Physics - Innovation - 08.02.2024
How electron spectroscopy measures exciton 'holes'
How electron spectroscopy measures exciton ’holes’
Researchers gain insights into charge transfer at atomically thin interfaces between semiconductors. Semiconductors are ubiquitous in modern technology, working to either enable or prevent the flow of electricity. In order to understand the potential of two-dimensional semiconductors for future computer and photovoltaic technologies, researchers from the Universities of Göttingen, Marburg and Cambridge investigated the bond that builds between the electrons and holes contained in these materials.

Innovation - Event - 29.01.2024
Safer and more energy-efficient vehicle systems
Safer and more energy-efficient vehicle systems
Safer and more energy-efficient vehicle systems: Research cooperation paves the way for future developments in AI-supported system design Scientists from Technischen Universität Ilmenau and Robert Bosch GmbH have been honored at the renowned IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI) for their pioneering contribution to AI-supported system design.

Physics - Innovation - 27.01.2024
Liquid crystals to control polarization inside laser-written waveguides
Liquid crystals to control polarization inside laser-written waveguides
Researchers have developed a new way to control and manipulate optical signals by embedding a liquid crystal layer into waveguides created with direct laser writing. The new devices enable electro-optical control of polarization, which could open new possibilities for chip-based devices and complex photonic circuits based on femtosecond-written waveguides.