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Life Sciences - Psychology - 19.05.2022
The fading of negative experiences
Active suppression weakens unwanted memories A natural disaster, a dented car, an injured person - memories of traumatic experiences can be controlled by deliberately suppressing the images that arise. Until now, however, it was unclear what happens to the memory in the process and how the process is reflected in the brain.

Health - Psychology - 21.04.2022
Protection and Risk: Social Cohesion during Lockdown
The CovSocial Project Analyzes the Mental Health and Social Cohesion of the Citizens of Berlin during the COVID-19 Pandemic In the CovSocial project, scholars and scientists led by Tania Singer from the Social Neuroscience Research Group of the Max Planck Society are investigating how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the mental health and social cohesion of Berlin citizens during the pandemic years 2020 to 2022.

Psychology - 18.02.2022
Mental Speed Hardly Changes over a Lifespan
Heidelberg study shows that the speed of cognitive information processing remains largely stable over decades Mental speed - the speed at which we can deal with issues requiring rapid decision-making - does not change substantially over decades. Psychologists at Heidelberg University have come to this conclusion.

Life Sciences - Psychology - 10.02.2022
Intelligence - It’s all about connectivity
Human intelligence is closely associated with functional brain networks: The better these networks are developed, the easier it is for the brain to adapt to different tasks, this is shown by a new study of the University of Würzburg. You are just enjoying a nap on the sofa when your son suddenly turns up and asks you to help him with his math homework.

Psychology - Health - 27.01.2022
National identification promotes compliance with Corona rules
National identification promotes compliance with Corona rules
Nearly every country in the world has been affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. In response, governments around the world have initiated far-reaching measures that have required-and continue to require-profound collective changes in citizen behavior. Especially in the first year of the pandemic, when vaccines were not yet available, it was parti­cularly important that people followed instructions, such as limiting physical contact, refraining from travel, and wearing masks.

Psychology - 14.01.2022
Measure eye movements when blinking
Measure eye movements when blinking
Scientists from Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU) Münster have developed a method to measure the full extent of eye movements during blinks for the first time. The new method uses Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), to take many fast measurements of an entire cross-section of the eye, unlike most common eye tracking that measures only the front of the eyeball.